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  1. Yeah, but I only found that out after I posted that last one. Shup. <3
  2. Thanks. And I found that off Photobucket somewhere. XD
  3. Okay, you two are nutters. XD I like it. That aside, here's how:
  4. I completely agree with you on this. =/ I hate that I missed the Summer Of Love and Woodstock and such. ...in other words, they need to hurry up and invent time travel D:<
  5. "We Can Be Together" "Volunteers" Both by Jefferson Airplane, and neither are on that list? It's a sham. D:< EDIT: Oh yeah, and: "Bicycle Race" - Queen
  6. To quote Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, that was super-special-awesome! XD
  7. Late Beatles, here. I grew up listening to Revolver and Abbey Road. XD
  8. Great songs that you don't hear on classic rock stations? Uh, lots of stuff by the Airplane that isn't White Rabbit or Somebody To Love. I never hear anything else, and in my opinion, they're a little overrated. D:< (woo, this is my first post on this forum!)
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