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  1. My take on the "WTF is she/he talking about in this song" genre is it means what it means. This attitude has, however, backfired on me. Case in point, "Cecilia" - Simon and Garfunkle. I was in the car with my mom (years ago). The song came on (remember when radio played S&G?) She turned to me with a VERY shocked look on her face. "That girl's a SLUT!"
  2. I ask because The Walking Dead recently chucked a very shiny song into my lap, "Weeds Or Wildflowers" - Parsonfield. I've found music via ads, movies, and facebook feeds but for the most part, television programs have netted me some pretty stellar music. "Ho Hey" - Lumineers courtesy of Bones "Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall courtesy of Grey's Anatomy "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole courtesy of Scrubs to mention but a few. So, where are y'all finding your new tunes?
  3. Absolutely I remember that song. 1961. Solid gold.
  4. "Calendar Girls" 2003 British movie "based on a true story of a group of Yorkshire women who produced a nude calendar to raise money for leukemia research" - Wikipedia. Helen Mirren and Julie Walters to name but a few.
  5. I went looking for BoDeans and found NADA! How can "Black And White" not be discussed? I love this album.
  6. I "met" him in 1972 whilst living in England. He made it okay to be weird. Thank you, Ziggy. I'll miss you.
  7. "Accidentally Like A Martyr" - The Late, Great Warren Zevon
  8. Seriously, remember when autotune wasn't a requirement? I listen to quite a bit of music on headset in my workplace. Since I listen to classic rock much of the time, I can tell you there are quite a few out of tune guitars out there. These days, a computer would clean that right up. Even with perfect pitch, I'll take the out of tune every time. Music wasn't meant to be perfect, just enjoyed.
  9. I love your tag line. 'Elf' is one of the modern classics for christmas. I'm partial to peppermint m'self.
  10. I am, even as I type this, grooving to Excitable Boy. Damn, I forgot how freakin' good this album is.
  11. I must add Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Couldn't Stand The Weather' to this list. Simply brilliant.
  12. Am I just in need of medication or do any of you other folks get sad because there is nothing out there these days like Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, etc.? Have I just become the elderly elephant on the savannah, waiting for the trip to the graveyard? I'm not by any stretch saying there is no good music out there these days. I've been digging the hell out of Cee Lo Green's LadyKiller. Eh, getting old blows. Now get off my lawn.
  13. Frequent lurker, infrequent poster here. May I just add this whine? The music SUCKED the year I graduated high school. I had to hit #18 before anything decent (Sir Duke) jumped out at me. It was #54 (Strawberry Letter 23) before I found one song that I really really liked. The bottom third was far better. Sweet baby Buddha on a pogo stick, DISCO SUCKED!!! * weeping *
  14. Vinyl....* wistful sigh * There were few things in my life that meant more to my teenaged years than unwrapping that new Yes album and going over the cover art with a fine toothed comb. I miss the crackle and pop. Snap, not so much....
  15. Dance with Me - Orleans I got the ways and means To New Orleans I'm going down by the river where its warm and green I'm gonna have a drink and walk around I got a lot to think about
  16. O_O Cash, check or paypal? Oh, should I ever attain the higher rankings, is there any chance I could be known as a Coelacanth? I've never been a coelacanth and I think it might be kinda cool to be a fish that was thought extinct but really isn't.....
  17. "Sunshine, go away today, I don't feel much like dancin'..."
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