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  1. I took the trek down to Springfield too. Great show. Floyd is rock solid. Nice to hear, see, and meet the guys. Floyd and Frank signed my 1968 45 of Reflections From the Looking Glass/Simon Says. Very cool.
  2. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" also fits in there to I think. Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath Call Me - Blondie
  3. "He uses all the great quotations... He says the things I wish I could say" Jerry Butler - He Will Break Your Heart
  4. Well, one good one... A cop pulls me over and motions for me to roll down window.[which jumped track, burnt out motor]. I say I can't roll it down, it's busted. I open the door and cop asks me if I know how fast I was going. I reply, no, my dash lights are all out, and even if they were on, the speedometer doesn't work either. Cop tells me to get out of here, so I do.
  5. A 1974 Oldmobile Delta 88 handed down from Mom and Dad. You could see the gas gauge go down as you went up a big hill. When you leveled out, it didn't go back up again. I took off the cat converter [1st year they had them] and used leaded gas [took off the sticker]. Passed emmissions! A truck ran me over in Newark NJ, [pronounced Nork], so I sold it to the junkyard across the street from the accident for 300.00. They used it to carry other wrecks for months. Too many stories to list!
  6. Oops, name of the song is THE PORPOISE SONG. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StNXo5db5NA
  7. Well everyone has bad days now don't they? Maybe the radio guy was a D bag, I don't know...I wasn't there. The Monkees are quite good all in all. Listen to the song GOODBYE, it's the most 60s sounding song there is pretty much. I think they are swell, and I have no problem throwin' them in. Neil Sedaka?......we have a problem. ROCK AND ROLL
  8. On the last time around he sings: "and so castles made of sand slips into the sea" I took that as the song itself was leaving too. Love that tune.
  9. I am a HUGE Beatle fan. I think they are awesome. Just chewin' the fat... Here is me doing yello sub:[new%20horns].mp3 Peace and Love, Peace and Love
  10. Because John sounds like a sheep or a goat, and that Paul sounds like an owl. Everyone loves that sheep and owl music. Just have your manager forge a load of record sales, and away we go.
  11. Silent Lucidity by Queensriche (spelling?) Harry Nilsons version of WITHOUT YOU(the very end of it) Those are my guesses
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