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  1. Yes! This shall be fun...
  2. But now everybody is giving advice.
  3. 2007 is ending fast. I think we should have an official Songfacts yearbook. By official I mean that there is an official list somewhere on this website. I volunteer to help with compyling the list if others are interested. Of course all of the people will have a say about the final decision. Title's like 'Class Clown' (the funniest person here), 'Class Nerd' (the person who is always on here), and 'New Kid' (I nominate myself ). I've been here since mid 2007 so you might have done this last year and sorry if I look stupid. Anybody interested in this? This idea will either be great or it will crash and burn...
  4. That's why I think the EDNA in 'Dear Edna' should stand for Everyone Delivering Neighbourly Advice'.
  5. Heal - Bob Dylan Hurt - Oasis Smite - Fleetwood Mac
  6. johnny

    Song Game II

    Evil Will Prevail - The Flaming Lips
  7. I'm not sure...what a crazy question... You've done every drug out there that doesn't involve needles?
  8. Plastic Jesus - The Flaming Lips Today was good because...
  9. Smarties Smart, rude people or dumb, nice people...
  10. of unidentified substances
  11. Your a Stones fan, right? Well in GH2 they have "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" by the Rolling Stones. What songs did you enjoy playing?
  12. Cashews Peanut M&M's or normal M&M's?
  13. YES IT DOES! Number 2 is my favourite.
  14. I will pay someone a small fortune if they can erase this from my memory. Forever.
  15. Dear SitS, You answered this question yourself. Take someone hostage. Now. Then you can eat bacon and spray can cheese as much as you want, whenever you want. Next question...
  16. Rose Parade - Elliott Smith
  17. True, false...I don't care... You read your horoscopes everyday...
  18. Heal - Led Zeppelin Hurt - AC/DC FF - The Cure!
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