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  1. Like... "Is that a new kid or something...?"
  2. Like "Napoleon, I wish you wouldn't look at me that way..." "I wish you'd get out of my life and shut up!"
  3. False... You own an iPod?
  4. like "A freakin' 12 gauge, whatda ya think!"
  5. Dislike... "Your mom goes to college!"
  6. False... You've been to the optomitrist in the last year...?
  7. Like, I wouldn't buy them though... Debbie's hair?
  8. True... You go to the doctors once in a while for a checkup...?
  9. Depends what problem, but sometimes yes... You read up on all the 'new age' medicine?
  10. johnny

    Song Game II

    Heavy Weather - Jarvis Cocker
  11. Dislike... Large, masculine women named Starla?
  12. All Is Full Of Love - DCFC You wish that you would final finish...
  13. Okay, I'll see if others want to do it and if so I'll leave some ideas here. PT me if you would like to help.
  14. Get Out Of This - Dinosaur Jr Tommorow you are planning to...
  15. johnny

    Song Game II

    Oxford Town - Bob Dylan
  16. johnny

    Song Game II

    Unhappy Birthday - The Smiths
  17. That's gonna keep me awake tonight. Seriously.
  18. johnny

    Song Game II

    Rock And Roll - Led Zeppelin
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