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  1. I love Paul McCartney, so I may be a bit bias, but definately Paul's performance WENT OFF! Loved it all.. Tom Petty was also pretty good, his voice sounded a bit weird though..
  2. Haha, thanks again guys! It's like the first time Google has failed me, so here was my 2nd calling. Da da ahaha lol
  3. Man! Thats the one, heck how did you find that lmao, i've seriously been searching google for variations on that for hours! Thanks a million! Matt
  4. Hey guys, I have been hearing a song on the radio (Triple M Melbourne) and it's bugging me what it is! All I know is that it's an alternative/indie rock song, and some of the lyrics I got are... Chorus: "Da daahaha Da dahahah Don't go..." repeat X1 some random lyrics I picked up....sun will rise die for something....travelling out for nothing... Thats all I got lol, the main part is the da dahahah part which is real catchy. I'm greatful to anyone to can help out! Thanks in advance, Matt
  5. I love this album also, probably my favourite Beatles album. I especially love the closing of the album (excluding Her Majesty), which is Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight-The End. I think that is an amazing set of songs! Matt
  6. I really like "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" by Elton John. Matt
  7. Thanks C_S_1987 and Jim_In_Pa, thats the song! I spose it makes sense it being Australian (i'm an aussie). I see where I stuffed up now lol, confusing half the verses with the chorus! Thanks again, Matt
  8. Male singer, I think it's a solo artist but can't be 100% sure. I know when I find out what it is, it'll be obvious lol Matt
  9. Hey Laurie, Yeah it's definately on older song (maybe 70's?) and no the Temptations song isn't it sorry. Nice song though. Thanks for the reply, Matt
  10. Hey, I recently heard a song on the radio and loved it, but now I can't find the name of it to get it. The chorus goes something like this: "It's because I love you, that you do the things do" or something and it has a nice riff on acoustic. Anyone know it? Thanks, Matt
  11. Yeah it tells a great story too. Another 1 (well, 3) i'm hooked on at the moment as well... The Beatles - Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight & The End Once there was a way to get back homeward Once there was a way to get back home Sleep pretty darling do not cry And I will sing a lullabye Golden slumbers fill your eyes Smiles awake you when you rise Sleep pretty darling do not cry And I will sing a lullabye Once there was a way to get back homeward Once there was a way to get back home Sleep pretty darling do not cry And I will sing a lullabye Carry That Weight Boy
  12. Bob Dylan - Hurricane Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night Enter patty valentine from the upper hall. She sees the bartender in a pool of blood, Cries out, my god, they killed them all! Here comes the story of the hurricane, The man the authorities came to blame For somethin that he never done. Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been The champion of the world. Three bodies lyin there does patty see And another man named bello, movin around mysteriously. I didnt do it, he says, and he throws up his hands I was only robbin the register, I hope you understand. I
  13. Then i'm pretty sure thats it, I gotta run now but i'll get a chance to get it later today and have a listen. Thanks a bunch, Matt
  14. Hmmm, thanks for the quick replies guys. It could well be the first one, but i'll have to listen to it. I don't think it's the second one because I know it says Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeah. That is close lol. Thanks again for the suggestions. Oh, I heard it on a radio station that plays hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's if that helps lol. Matt
  15. Hey, It's my first post here, but I've been browsing the forums a while. I am wondering if anyone can identify this song, I heard it on the radio and can't find it the usual way (by googling some lyrics)..here they are: "Do what you wanna do, Be what you wanna be Yeah!" Sorry thats all I got, anyone know it? Thanks, Matt
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