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  1. Would Strawberry Letter 23 qualify?? Or just not funky enough?
  2. How about Good Times - By Chic The Land Down Under? ((I think that's what it's called)) Can't ya hear can't ya hear the thunder? - by Men at Work
  3. The Jacksons' Destiny Tour @ Valley Forge in PA New Edition Teena Marie Run DMC Keith Sweat Brian McKnight Frankie Beverly & Maze Jill Scott Anita Baker
  4. No particular order: The Usual Suspects The Story of US The Godfather 1 & 2 It's a Wonderful Life Love Jones
  5. Hi Everybody ! Thanks so much for the welcome you guys sure know how to make a girl feel all warm & fuzzy! First just let me just say I am sooooo computer challenged but I sure like the message boards so I'm going to learn. Have a good weekend!!! P.S. OMG B-F I sooooo love you for that!
  6. A gynormus bowl of butter pecan ice cream!
  7. The Rockford Files Minnie Rippleton Penny Candy Marvin Gaye The Banana Splits on Saturday Mornings Ms Pac Man & Donkey Kong Strawberry Shortcake (and her gang) Huckle Berry Finn, Apple Dumplin & Blueberry Muffin The Little Rascals
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