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  1. No, I think just bing cherries.
  2. Don't know much about Gary, but how about Harry? (Connick Jr.)
  3. The Doobies Donnie & Marie OR Michael & Janet?
  4. I want a great big plate of cheesy fries with bacon sprinkled about.
  5. Someone somewhere is wishing on a star.
  6. Sesame Street The Electric Company ZOOM (Amazing how I still have their stupid address in my head, Hi everybody in Boston ) Romper Room The New Zoo Reveiw Captain Noah & His Magical Ark The Woody Woodpecker Show Fat Albert & The Gang Casper The Friendly Ghost
  7. Yes and the stars are quite bright.
  8. Tennis Glass half full or half empty?
  9. Someone somewhere feels a meltdown coming on.
  10. My chatty co-worker going on and on and on about NOTHING I just wanna scream to the top of my lungs: GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!
  11. Someone somewhere just stepped on a Hot Wheels car with their bare feet and is quite pissed!
  12. Someone somewhere just brought a new puppy so their older puppy won't be so lonely.
  13. RESPECT ~ Aretha Franklin (especially the sock it to me, sock it to me part)
  14. Thanks Peaches!!! You're the BESTEST!
  15. Morning All!!! I'm liking Melinda & Phil but on to more pressing issues! OK I was watching Idol last night as you guys were, and there was this commercial I had never seen before for Coca-Cola. The lady is sitting at a table at resturant or some place, and I heard one of the most beautiful songs that I've never heard before. Sounded like Judy Garland. WHAT WAS IT??? HELLLLLLLLP!!!
  16. Romatic Comedy Black and White OR Technicolor?
  17. Otis Redding Try A Little Tenderness
  18. Ok this is my last entry, but bass line songs have been jumping in my head all day. How about Miss You? - The Rolling Stones
  19. Sorry I'm late, but can I get in?? What about Knock Three Times- Tony Orlando & Dawn - - - How about: One in a Million? By Larry Graham
  20. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers Her Town Too - James Taylor Against All Odds - Phil Collins I Miss You - Aaron Hall The Long And Winding Road - The Beatles Yesterday - The Beatles Just To Keep You Satisfied - Marvin Gaye I'll Always Love My Momma - The Intruders Teach Your Children Well - Crosby, Stills & Nash By Your Side - Sade......Especially when she says: Ohh, when you're cold I'll be there Hold you tight to me When you're on the outside Baby, and you can't get in I would show you You're so much better than you know When you're lost, you're alone Can't get back ag
  21. Ooooh I forgot "Fly Like An Eagle" - By Steve Miller Band I believe.
  22. OMG! Peaches! We can be BFF!!! Thought I was like the only girl around who loved R&B but yet still have a fondness of all things soft rock and everything else!! Most of my friends just can't relate to me if I break out in song and start singing to the top of my lungs: "I woke up in love this morning, I woke up in Looooooove this morning went to sleep with you on my mind"
  23. Smile? Lily Allen Boots Are Made For Walking? - (Not sure who sings this little diddy) Break Up To Make Up? - Stylistics (I think) Heard It All Before - Sunshing Anderson Now I don't really know if this qualifies or not but War Of The Hearts By Sade: I could aim but I could not fire Got a bullet to spare to kill my desire Who's calling the shots One of us must make the peace To have or to have not The fire has got to cease I'm loaded don't know where to point this thing It's a sin how we hit where it hurts Who's calling the shots One of us (one of us) must end
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