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  1. Ahh thanks....Under the Bamboo Tree, that sounds like it. Judy Garland sang it with a little girl in Meet Me in St Louis
  2. Does anyone have any info about this song? Bill Murray sings it in Meatballs and Steve Marting sings it in The Man With Two Brains. I can't even find any info about the guy on the web. All I know is that "Tricky" did a trip hop type version with it and that it was originally performed by Judy Garland in duet with someone. thanks
  3. I think it is an analogy for the blind state of mass society. Yellow is the colour of the coward. Living in a yellow submarine means obliviousness to the soulless nature of 9 to 5 life and obliviousness to the real nature of existance which sure isn't making money and working for the man. The song maybe says that people live in a cocoon which they are perfectly happy with. What do you reckon?
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