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  1. Is a term I read a lot in regards to various songs/artists, regarding various degrees of this quality. What does the term mean to you? What distinguishes a "radio friendly" song from one that isn't? Give an example or two if you can...
  2. Some of the best music I've heard in the past few years has come from overseas. Streaming music stations on the web are a godsend! I'm especially enamored of the darkwave/gothic and gothic metal/progressive/symphonic sound from Scandinavia, which in turn has led me back to similar groups from right here in the states. This forum seems pretty U.S./UK -centric. Do you guys follow the music scene from more exotic locales? What's your favorite sound or group?
  3. -I don't care what the people say, hiphop & rap are here to stay...
  4. Really? To me it sorta seems like the singer is living in a country that has had a revolution and it somehow changed everything; including his relationship with his partner. e.g.'You're not below me anymore'. Did the chicks finally take over?
  5. Never Never Love by Simply Red. Honestly WTF? "Never Never Love" So now we've got our independence What are we gonna do with it? Learning to play different games Already using different names Cause now our love bears no resemblance To what we had before When our love was good it was all that we saw When our love was good it blinded us before This real revolution baby Where you're not below me anymore Never never love can never be enough Never be enough, just ain't good enough Never never love can never be enough Never be enough, oh no So now we've got our independence
  6. By R.E.M. of course. Any thoughts on what this tune is about? Seems to concern the Civil War but beyond that I don't know. A lot of the lines seem like nonsense, which they may well be, but I'd like another's opinion. thx
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