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    joe bonamassa

    i saw him last month at a small venue and i sat so close my feet were on stage! (it was a place were u ate dinner while u watched). i was amazed! he has kenny wayne shepherds old drummer and him and the drummer traded off solos for like 30 minutes :guitar:
  2. yowza52

    The 50 Worst Artists in Music History

    this list is somewhat innaccurate. the doors are good, emerson lake and palmer are decent (not great), and yngwie malmsteen is a great guitarist. i agree with number 1 being ICP tho.....
  3. yowza52

    Mississippi Queen

    nice photo
  4. yowza52


    this songs not about panama, so i dont think pics of panama apply......well they sort of do
  5. yowza52

    Bay City Rollers Song Inspired U2

    haha thats kinda funny :happybanana:
  6. yowza52

    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    wat about smells like teen spirit? i love that bassline!
  7. yowza52

    A Bigger Bang Tour [the stones]

    the stones have great music, but i think their getting too old. old men and spandex do not mix, especially if they look like mick jagger. i also dont like his lil' "jig"
  8. yowza52

    Music you've discovered through MySpace

    bob jr and the martini gardeners are actually pretty good u should check them out they also have nice album artwork their on itunes
  9. a lot of albums can be good or bad......it depends how good the albums are
  10. yowza52

    Elton to Perform at "Diana" Concert

    sir elton is an amazing pianist
  11. yowza52

    Peter Boyle Dead at 71

    young frankenstein makes me crack up R.I.P.
  12. yowza52

    Kurt Wanted To Divorce Courtney.

    its hard to tell if this is true or if its not. i sure hope its true. courtney is insane