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  1. Oh. My bad, my bad... mind not working right HAHA. Ok, Mustang Sally - Eric Clapton and Blinded by The Light - Manferd Mann
  2. Mack the Knife has my vote. Boys are Back In Town as well.
  3. Interesting theory and could very well be. Sometimes though I think people think too much about things and start coming up with theories like this just to make it interesting...But yknow, House does the same thing and he's always right so who am I to talk? haha
  4. Haha this is fate... my fiance and I were just talking about her the other day... woo-hoo! Cheers to this! Makes me smile!
  5. Isn't that the funny part though? LOL It's like showshowshowshowOMFGLOOKITSMICKJAGGERHAHAshowshowshow...
  6. I said this to my mom yesturday, "If you do drugs after 1981 you're just showing off!" And she said, "I've not heard that before but let me guess who said it...Carlin, right?" And I laugh and go, "No... that's from me." And I dunno, it made me feel good hahahah.
  7. Ugh I missed this . What was I doing Thursday?... Ah well did anyone catch it, any good? Must be if it has Mick in it
  8. Of course they win. They're the Rolling Stones.
  9. Hehe I'm flattered thank ya all
  10. ^ No. I mean like today and since the late 60s/early 70s instead of using post positions 12345678910etc, they used letters, as in post posistion ABCDEFGHIJK...etc.
  11. Blatently I walked out of World War Two.
  12. Ah yeah me too, what a beautiful con...what a beautiful buzz And no they didn't brand them
  13. The Sting is one of my favorite films of all time. However there's a goof haha.. when it was set in, '37... (they made it in '71), they were still usin' letters for horses back then, they changed it in the late 60's/early 70's to numbers. In the movie they're using numbers. Ha, go figure.
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