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  1. i have to say it...RUSH< RUSH< RUSH< they SUCK!!! love and peace
  2. sadlady


    oh boy! oh boy! i see that i am a guppy now...is that a good thing??? hahaha!!! love and peace
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    i'm a spoiled baby!!! i want an avatar and i am so computer illiterate, i cannot fix that problem........what do i do? love and peace
  4. don't be sorry... i'm not sorry....he's not sorry.... they're not sorry, so (please) don't be sorry!!! love and peace
  5. hey! i love the winter...help push some of your cold down to us, i need snow! and i LOVE your national anthem!!! it's better than ours...i'd change it, if i was in office. love and peace
  6. i really thought that sopranos moving to tv sounded odd. reruns are great, but there are lot of us fans waiting to see what happens to all our old friends. love and peace
  7. it's been basically warm here, in the 40's and rainy...by now we should be buried in lake effect snow, and freezing from canada blowing all it's cold straight down the lake at us....love and peace
  8. laurie, you are sweet to care, but it's been 13 years and it keeps getting worse...believe me, i've had "all kinds of help", but the bottom line is..something like losing your kid DOES NOT GET BETTER, it gets worse. worry not about me.....love and peace
  9. two weirdos can truly be dangerous or annoying...i have a bad rep on some talking sites...i was banned from more than one. love and peace
  10. as long as you guys don't mind having a weirdo roaming around....i'm from the ozzfest boards, but they are slowly dying....that's where everyone let their freak flags fly.....lol...love and peace
  11. i'm too old to be freaked out by anything.....in fact, i'm usually the one that freaks other people out..lol...love and peace
  12. do you mean the last season isn't on cable? once the censors get ahold of it, there won't be 15 minutes left of each episode. it needs the cussin', sexual situations, etc.... love and peace
  13. i can say alot of nasties about that cute little dancing banana, but i'll behave...lol....love and peace
  14. suicide is TRULY sad....the only bright spot is that she made it to 40..... my daughter was only 18 when she gave in.....i'm pretty sure you guys don't want to up with the language that comes out of my mouth....so, i'll just say...IT"S F*CKED UP.....i fight myself, everyday, to keep from doing it.......i don't fight for me, but for my loved ones, who have already been crushed by suicide. just like nikki, i can't live with the sh*t that goes on inside my head.....love and peace
  15. a song, huh? how about.... "...i was down, but now i'm flying straight across the great divide i know you're crying, but i'll stop your crying when i see you, i see you on the other side....."??? it might cheer me up, but not the people around me.....love and peace one question...what the heck is the banana all about?? :happybanana: ??? l&p
  16. if i needed a bible story, i would have gone to church....isn't there some websites for religious nuts love and peace :sleepy:
  17. someone posted something about indiana, i think.. i really can't remember..anyway, i'm from NW ind. at the tip of lake michigan. i'm just sad cuz i've had a very sad life. some people get roses, i got weeds and thorns...lol... love and peace
  18. hi! just wondering what part of indiana?? love and peace
  19. i miss my daughter... she did the suicide thing 13 years ago... they say time heals all wounds..NOT TRUE!!! it just keeps getting worse. i miss her laugh, her silly self, her hugs and kisses. i can never hold her again, like when she was an innocent little thing. why do some people have to live with so many sorrows??? love and peace
  20. oh man!!! i forgot what i was going to say....if i only had health insurance, we could get that memory problem checked...love and peace
  21. i've never done this before.... well, here goes nothin'... i'm a 51 year old mother of 4, but one did the suicide thing, so i have 3 left. i have four grandkids, who are the apples of my eyes. been happily married for almost 36 years of problems that can't be fixed. my husband and i are both disabled. we don't get out much....i spend my freetime browsing a list of forums that i visit. can't sleep at night, so i basically talk to myself...(i'm lonely alot, my husband sleeps at night, so it's just me, the dog, and my sleeping computer buddies.) no one is ever on line when i am, well no one i "know." sounds like a soap opera, but everything i say is true...lies will get you no where!!..i am known by my negative, but straight forwardness. i don't care what people think of me. i wear only black...my hair is almost black, and i grow it long so that i can have it cut to donate to kids with cancer. i'm probably one of the most patriotic people you will ever meet. i love this country, although others like to elect misfits into office. i am overly shy...i can "talk" for hours to friends online, but don't put me in a room with people...cuz i will disappear, like houdini...lol...i've learned to laugh at things that i should cry about..that's my cover-up. i love ozzy/sabbath!!! i love the ozzfest!!! it's a shame ozzy and i are so old...i would have loved to take my grandsons to the 'fest. but, alas, this was ozzy's last fest and my daughter would NOT allow them to go to anything like THAT...not yet anyway. one of the guys that went with my son (27) and i, brought his 8 year old, and he had a great time..and of course, we adults did, too. ozzy played the second stage and he was just perfect!!! i like a wide range of music, and would keep the stereo blasting 24/7, if possible. i am proud to be a green bay fan, and a white sox fan...even tho they suck more often than not...LOL...i've always been a rebel...i have a hard time following the rules, which has gotten me banned from a few chat rooms...that's why i stick with the forums...i cuss worse than a truck driver..i just quit smoking (cigarettes) two weeks ago, after smoking since i was nine. i am a recovered alcoholic..25 years...yeah, if you do the math, i started drinking the same age as smoking. well, enough is enough...looks like i'm writing a book. this is just me in a nutshell...oh yeah, i am also crazy, or should i say psychologically challenged...LMAO... and i love unconditionally. i'm sure you'll be asking me to leave now...love and peace
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