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    O 2

    another new one is sucking canned air... i've heard that kids have died from it.. man, what a messed up world...
  2. sadlady

    O 2

    if ya breathe fast like that, you will hyperventilate. there sure ain't no kicks in that. my husband and i are both on oxygen, and i just wanted to know what kids were looking for...
  3. come on, you know what i meant..
  4. i'm very sorry if i upset anyone.. it's late, i'm lonely...i'm not thinking. i do come here to have fun... but i curb myself because i don't want to tick people off...i'm just different...isn't everyone??? :beady:
  5. that sounds like the one i've been looking for...i hope. for the next question, does anyone know how i can get a copy? thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  6. :sleepy: nite, nite laurie.. it's been fun.
  7. Top 10 crappiest jobs you've had : 10. A basic teen gofer for the Woolworth's Dept. store chain : cleaning the bathrooms , mopping up customer vomit and messes , pushing shopping carts around at -40 degrees , etc . 9. Secretary. 8. Upholstery stripper. (it's not as dirty as it seems! ) 7. Pooper scooper patrol at a dog show. 6. Cleaning hotel rooms when I was a teen, some people were such slobs! 5. Flipping burgers. I lasted all of 3 weeks, I think. 4. KP duty in the army. 3. Horoscope writer 2. cleaning houses for rich pigs...i mean rich people. 1.
  8. you win, i dropped my sad-dude... you all know it's still there, but invisible now, right? okay..i guess i'd go with greece, that's where my son-in-law is from. sausage or pepperoni
  9. i'm not a people person, i try to hide in the dark...i have ISSUES but it's okay to be me on here, with you guys, cuz we are all invisible.
  10. sure is hard to only pick two... i have a million of 'em!! ok, i'll say... i want to know what love is- foreigner i'll see you on the other side- ozzy are you sure you don't want my top 100..? :guitar:
  11. pink panther simpsons or family guy
  12. hiya, old55, i'm kinda new...i'm still only a frog, i think....i just wanted to tell you how much i laughed about your signature, i absolutely love pigs!!!
  13. back in the day, there was an album out by a group which i think was from new york... if it's still around, it would be rated mature or something of that sort...i've been trying to refind these guys for years. i'll try to make it clearer, without getting bleeped... one song was "happy mother's day" part of the lyrics are "happy mother's day, happy mother's day. i am your son. i am a runaway. living on the east side, always getting stoned. always getting high on marijuana..." just the title to the next song... "up against the wall, you mother f-er's" next one "...i like marijuana, you like marijuana, we like marijuana, too...." can't think of any more right now...but it's driving me crazy..... anyone remember this classic album? :guitar:
  14. wow...that sounds logical, but not fun...
  15. rin tin tin ... i guess... i like shephards better than collies eric or kenny (south park)
  16. mastershake....cool eric cartman?
  17. sadlady

    O 2

    ok...call me stupid... but what do these kids get from sucking oxygen? i've got the sfuff, tanks, etc., all over my house...am i missing out on something good? what exactly does it do to (healthy) people? ? just wondering...
  18. rolaids......i have heartburn like a mo-fo. it's going on midnight, it's single digits out there...should i zip over to walgreen's, which is less than a mile from my house and the car won't warm up cuz it's such a short ride ...OR shall i sit here, at my keyboard, laughing at things you guys say, with monster heartburn til i puke???
  19. our neighborhood is quite disfunctional....i do my garden work at night,aka early morning...how 'bout between 10pm and 3 or 4 am. so who am i to talk. but watering snow and digging up your yard......kinda like outer limits, or twilight zone being filmed live, across the street.
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