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  1. you are no freak!!! i absolutely love canned corn, with butter and salt!!! how can you say it's "just...corn". it is a gourmet feast, if prepared correctly...LOL!!!
  2. by the weekend, we may hit double digits. ah yes, winter has finally arrived.
  3. sadlady


    hahahaha!!!now that's pushin' it!!! lol....i am lmmfao!!
  4. 2005 and 2006~ too many war games
  5. vikes mcdonald's or burger king
  6. meal (cuz i quit cooking..LOL) love or peace
  7. always see her with a cane
  8. sorry 'bout that... i think i went to bed before anyone answered. :sleepy:
  9. sadlady


    would you like badlady better?
  10. sadlady


    trapper and henry were good, but not as good as potter and bj
  11. college b-ball, not pro...countin' down to march madness!
  12. if i knew computers, i'd start a new thread, SF's grandkids...LOL i'd you to show them off. such cute pictures you all posted. .. makes me want a baby in the family...not mine, of course
  13. YESceecee, another fan of dave mason..
  14. the 80's~ not as fun as the 70's
  15. colts (hate the bears) super bowl or world series
  16. give these girls some cigars... the pusher, it was.
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