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  1. i'll see you on the other side. that song is stuck in my head alot.
  2. is it "he's a clown, that charlie brown. he's gonna get caught, just you wait and see why's everybody always pickin' on me"
  3. please play dylan's 'lay, lady, lay'
  4. hey farin, it's the jerry butler version... thanks to old 55
  5. a real quick off topic comment...he looks like a RAT!!! old school ( can't stay up on either)...big dog or little dog
  6. hello there, edna. i am better, i'm not so depressed, i'm smiling and joking more. i think you guys were/are a big help to me, listening to all my crying on here..i do apologize for that. but like i tell my family... my only friends are on the computer. i feel like i've known you guys forever, even tho i am just a lowly little frog....lol... OMG, am i having a hot flash... someone please dump some ice water on me
  7. i also go with the scream great work of art. my mother was an artist. i was surrounded by art and it was one of the cooler classes that i took in college.
  8. sounds good.. could you make me one, and make it a delivery order, please?!?!
  9. i just want to wish a very happy valentine's day, to those who celebrate the day. and may your love lives be filled with happiness
  10. it's about 20F right now, but it's supposed to drop like a son-of-a-b*tch today. we finally got some snow.. they predicted over a foot, we got about 7 or 8 inches, but the wind was gusting at 50mph. so, it's a little bit messed up out there. but it's beautiful.. i love winter and snow...
  11. not eating, but i am drinking a big old glass of chocolate milk. yum-my!!
  12. hi edna!! it's been awhile... did you miss me? anyway, i agree with crown of creation!! next- inna-gada-da-vida (probably spelled wrong)- iron butterfly the pusher steppenwolf (the album with the pusher running like 20 minutes or more) and of course dark side of the moon then the laid back album...(gotta have at least one) nashville skyline- bob dylan....that was the best to mellow out with at the end of a long nite... happy times...happy thoughts...
  13. can't come up with ten right now, my brain is asleep... the rest of me can't sleep. but number one on the list is definitely.... drum roll, please rock-a-bye your baby, with a dixie melody- aretha franklin. you could hear that song booming from our house, two blocks away. and that was in the '60's, before most people had good stereos to really turn up!!!
  14. i totally love the song '39, so does my 35 yr. old daughter..she was raised on GOOD music, i made sure of that when the kids were kids. i thought we were the only two people that remember such a great classic. now it's time to pass my fantastic taste in music on to the grandkids... it's a grandma's job!! i tried to take two of my grandsons (the oldest two, who are 9 and 10) to ozzfest last year...needless to say, my daughter was not agreeable... maybe someday... and this year it's free??? my favorite price. lol . my sister in law, may move back from florida, to be at home when she dies. she never knew her mom, we raised her, she went moved to fla. many, many years ago. but she wants to come back home, to be with me, she's always felt i was her mom. anyway, she wants me to be with her when she goes... she has AIDS, and is scared she's not gonna be able to get home in time. but i told her, that she WILL be going to ozzfest with me this year...if she does make it home... my heart breaks for her. she's been in my heart since she was about 3 or 4, and i will do whatever i can to get her back home.. she has no one in florida, anymore. she's alone and scared.. and i made her a promise that i would have her in my arms when she dies... sorry, kind of got off the subject here... 1. your precious love- jerry butler 2.devil went down to georgia- charlie daniels
  15. sadlady


    oooo yuk!! i am no housewife type person and i'm definitely NOT a lady, so i will have to sleep on the idea of a name change. i have been thinking about it from time to time.. but... you know..." why do today, what you can put off til tomorrow"...words to live by...lol...
  16. hi edna! i'm working on it... thanks to a little help from my friends. (here)
  17. everyone needs to plant a tree or two. i've planted so many that when they mature, long after i'm gone, this property will be considered a forest preserve. seriously tho, trees are a great help to us all. and they are so beautiful..
  18. yo b-f!! great minds think alike!!! lol!!!
  19. or barney, the child molesting purple dinowhatever..always thought he had something going with that teletubby....
  20. someone somewhere is letting their dog outside to do it's business
  21. the REAL "LT" cool brett favre
  22. cool easy rider rex grossman (still hate the bears)
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