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  1. Anyone seen that new commercial (I think it's new) for GE, I believe. I only saw it once, but if I remember correctly, it was the song unchanged, but with a computer-animated elephant dancing around in the rainforrest. It's pretty great.
  2. I find it interesting how some songs have different parts of the music recorded on different sides (right or left speaker). I decided it would be fun to mess around with that by making parts of a particular song i like just the voice singing, cutting out the drumming on the piano solo, etc. I used adobe premiere to fade from right to left as i please, however my problem now is that the song switches from speaker to speaker and its gets annoying. I was wondering if anyone knows any program or means of making all of the sound come out from both sides. Perhaps some kind of program where you can lay down notes on either side so that i could just copy the edited version onto both sides and solve the problem. Thanks.
  3. For anyone who clicked that linked and read through it, does it bother you that the information doesnt seem completely legit necessarily? In chapter 3, it says that the murderer was five foot one, where as in chapter 5 it says that he was five foot eight. Im not saying that i wasnt completely touched by the story and all, all im saying is that the fact that some of the information doesnt seem to match up gives me an untrusting feeling, as if some of the facts were blown out of proportion... this reply is basically pointless, it doesnt even matter really.
  4. Anyone listen to the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" by any of various musicians who have recorded it? I've only heard the version recorded by Gerry and the Pacemakers, and seen it live in the play "Carousel" that it was taken from. I think the song is really incredible, and I am just curious if other people enjoy it aswell, or have seen the play or heard other versions of it that might be good (I understand that Elvis did a version). When I saw the play, I had heard the song before but only a few times so I didn't realize it. Then a few months later, once I had become very fond of the song, someone pointed out to me that it was from Carousel, and from then on I remembered it from the play a little more and more each time i listened to it, and realized how much I really liked the play in retrospect... As a song, it amazes me how the lyrics can apply to so many different things. It's really a lifesong, if you know what I mean.
  5. I dropped the plastic mayonnaise and now I?m dead. The wet on the floor burned a hole in my head. The remote control clicker caused aids in my veins. Ricky exclaims, he isn?t yet fed. Two bits too sane, yet well right in the head. Poinsettia strip to corner cuts, unplanned Jared Can?t find a place, Belittles himself To seconds grade students, for the chance to continue skipping. Fundamentally persisting his perpetual chase. Might never own housing, but always a face. In aisle eleven, I re-live my years, Empty fortune cookie freedom, again re-appears. Keep on opening doors, taking steps well-known, Keep an on eye my lane, just a distant stone throw. The bird eats the crumbs, beware of the crow. Keep on opening doors, until you?re alone. One had better start closing, or else hold his own.
  6. Theres an amazing lyric i love from the Al Stewart song "The Year of the Cat." -She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running like a water colour in the rain- I really love how the two things he compares in the simile are linked by a verb, each with a different meaning that that verb can take on (that was hard to put into words but im sure you all know what i am talking about). Can anyone think of other examples of this, or come up with any of your own?
  7. Jr. Im very sorry. Honest to god, it wasn't supposed to be like that at all. The subject title was merely an idea i had to get people to give it a look because i wasnt sure if it would just get skipped over or passed by. I am new on here, and the post that i looked at at the top of the list had not been commented on, so i assumed that people sometimes just didnt comment on things, and i figured making a subject like that might make someone think twice before just passing over it. Also, when i browsed around, and read peoples' stuff, i honestly didnt really give their writings a true hard look. I just read through them once, and i dont think reading something once can necessarily suffice. When i was wondering about whether people would pick up on my ideas, it wasnt supposed to mean that i thought you guys were too thick to see them. I was just really wondering if my writing style was too thick for them to be noticed, or the opposite making them seem too corny. I definately dont feel that i am above anybody. The whole reason i signed up on this board is that i am afraid to show anybody the few things ive written, so i figured id hide behind the internet and get some unbiased opinions. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. If you would give my song another chance, i would still very much appreciate it.
  8. I've only written a few things. I've been wondering if people will be able to pick up on the themes I am trying to get across, or what kinds of things they will come up with themselves. I havent named this yet, and im not sure if i might decide to add to it. Anyways, if anybody reads this, actual thinks about it, and gives a true opinion about how it is put together and what it means to them, etc, I will be plenty excited...Dont be afraid to be honest, be it good or bad... My radio went off a quarter till too late. I got a move-on t'where I had'ta already be. I locked my sedan, with the keys in. There's just no means for any other man to see. 'How ya doin' posed the local Joe. Fairly poorly's precisely what I said, As he turned his head, and my temper bared its first light shade of red. This Joe with me, born into phony sympathy, replacing apathy, in his vestal mind, never feeling for the wound of his own kind. Yes still remains local Joe. He dwells in each satin row. And he refuses to feel, but at the altar, Joe never dared not kneel. By the way, this was meant to be put to music as a song.
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