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  1. Sorry Peaches, I'm stealing your thunder and giving it to Edna. A symptom of my condition I'm afraid.
  2. Edna, you'd haven beaten me to it anyway. Well done! You're on a roll today.
  3. Aha! I know the answer, but I'll sit this out today since I'm a little out of sorts. I'm not sure I'll be able to hang around long enough to provide the answers to the clues.
  4. This is a tough one! How about an "O"?
  5. Yes, their videos do tend to the bizarre. Bell X1 do ballads too. Here's one: Eve the Apple of My Eye True to form, it's another strange video.
  6. Thanks Peaches, nice find! Did you enjoy the song?
  7. OK I'll bite. Howz about an "E"?
  8. 1998 Rollercoaster - B*Witched
  9. No you're definitely not a loser. You just won the Musical wheel of fortune game! That is an apalling video that you linked to Edna. The tune wasn't all that tuneful, John couldn't reach some of the bassier notes and the arrangements were pedestrian at best. The crowd shots were good though.
  10. Spot on Edna. Y'all know your music, that's for sure! take it away girl!
  11. I hate when that happens! You hold it in for so long that when you eventually get to go, nothing happens. If at first you don't succeed ...
  12. 1996 Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
  13. Sorry for the delay. Work is interfering with posting. A "D" for you MindCrime, but no "R" for you Edna, I'm rationing you since you've had three letters already. _ _ _ A _ d _ e _ _ _ _ by _ a _ _ _
  14. Indeed "A" better choice. You get two this time. _ _ _ A _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ by _ a _ _ _
  15. Hey Daniel, we obviously share the same taste in music. I've been a Simone fan for ages, ever since I saw the music video for "My Baby Just Cares For Me". Other favourites of mine are: Ain't Got No (I Got Life) - currently used as the music in a current Muller Yoghurt advertising campaign, which in itself isn't bad with some great dance moves. I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl Go to Hell
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