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  1. The reason why I ask is that I'm trying to get a fellow programmer to program me a program that spits out some "off the wall" facts about the song/artist while the music plays along with the standard bio, discography, album art, etc. It makes music far more interesting if this info displays on the visualization screen, questions could pop up at the beginning of the song, then the answer could show up at the end. "Did you know..." facts can fill the middle portion along with the usual bio and discography info. Alot like what's displayed at movie theatres before a movie is played or like what
  2. could anyone list a few?? Regarding Movie, Actors, Music and Music Artists
  3. I registered because I loved the site...the facts are very interesting. But are there any more sites that deal with trivia, "did you know...", facts on songs and artists.
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