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  1. Peaches- The Presidents Of The United States Of America
  2. Favourite 10: 1. Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin 2. Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part one)- Pink Floyd 4. Dazed And Confused- Led Zeppelin 5. Money- Pink Floyd 6. Rotten Apple- Alice In Chains 7. Time- Pink Floyd 8. Hey You- Pink Floyd 9. Panda- Dungen 10. Here Again- Rush Those might not be in order.
  3. Definitely Atom Heart Mother is the greatest early Floyd album. Followed by Meddle and Piper At The Gates of Dawm.
  4. Horse Latitudes by The Doors There is also an excellent spoken part in The End. And what would a list of songs with spoken parts be without The Beatles' Revolution 9? A nine-minute intrumental with random voices- what more would you ask for. And a few songs on Porcupine Tree's Signify have spoken parts: Intermediate Jesus, Bornlivedie, Signify, Idiot Prayer and Dark Matter. at the end of Dark Matter: "You've just had a heavy session of electroshock therapy, and you're more relaxed than you've been in weeks. All those childhood traumas, magically wiped away, along with most of your personality!" Although I doubt anyone is very familiar with Porcupine Tree
  5. The Wall. Movie length Floyd with trippy animatinos in vieo form...what more could you ask for? Neighbourhood #3(Power Out)- The Arcade Fire Rebellion (Lies)- The Arcade Fire Talk Shows On Mute- Incubus Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of the War Drums- A Perfect Circle Seven Nation Army- White Stripes Only- Nine Inch Nails Under The Bridge- RHCP So She's Leaving- The Trews Yeah Yeah Yeah Song- Flaming Lips Inertiatic ESP- The Mars Volta Talk- Coldplay Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana Come As You Are- Nirvana Try Telling That To My Baby- The Heavy Blinkers
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