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  1. Hey, there. Calm down. Bonds is currently the most popular player in the MLB. The papparazzi has probably been right up his a$$. And if millions of people you never knew were talking $^!# about you, you wouldn't be going "Oh, yeah, people are great. I love being insulted by people from Iceland and other places in which I've never been in my life. IT'S FANTASTIC!" So that's kind of a hippocratic statement.
  2. Paris Hilton was annoying before she sang. Haha. I didnt say it. Haha yes I said it and I'm proud!
  3. Dude, I don't think that exists. Who made it?
  4. I like the acoustic version of Dead or Alive by Jon Bon Jovi.
  5. Guys, don't be so hard on Bonds. The steroids situation wasn't his fault because his wife injected them while he slept. Also, he doesn't do them anymore, and when he was injected by them, roids were legal.
  6. The green and pink made this the first thing I thought of.
  7. I thought that this [-] was negatation (-6) and this [~] was comparison. Holy moly, you have succeeded at confusing me.
  8. True, but you are comparing the song to other artists that didn't make the song. ...Uh, I guess...
  9. I HAVE IT! In mathematical situations, the tilde (~) is used to convert between two systems of measurement (ie: 6 tons ~ ? kilograms) The tilde is used to compare. So, actually, it is grammatically correct to use the tilde in Comfortably Numb ~ Pink Floyd or any situation like it.
  10. You said we SHOULD stay in that era, not we HAVE TO. But oh well... Bobby Fuller Four I Fought The Law
  11. A song that got better every time it was covered: I Fought The Law. First, The Chirping Crickets. Pretty good. Then, the Bobby Fuller Four. Very nice. Then, The Clash brought a heavier version to the table. Then some other small time bands, then Green Day did a pretty good job.
  12. Bah, darn my laziness. Like Strong Bad from Homestar Runner always says: IF IT'S A POSSESSIVE, IT'S ITS! IF IT'S A CONTRACTION, IT'S I T APOSTOPHE S... fool.
  13. Arch Allies (Styx and REO Speedwagon Live) Unfortunately I only have the Styx tracks. It was released in 2000. 1.Blue Collar Man 2.Grand Illusion 3.Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) 4.Lady 5.Brave New World 6.The Edge of the Century 7.Heavy Water 8.Too Much Time On My Hands 9.Renegade 10.Blue Collar Man (Jam w/REO Speedwagon) When I first heard about this I knew it would be cool... and it is.
  14. At the time being, Nice Guys Finish Last by Green Day. Watch it if you want a good laugh: http://youtube.com/watch?v=a2bMyAwPcmI&search=Nice%20Guys%20Finish%20Last
  15. I just joined yesterday, buutttt.... Songfacts I'm sure has been here awhile. Also, some of these people live 10 miles from eachother to 25,000 miles. They may have met without knowing, but outside of that, its quite unlikely.
  16. I really don't notice that, but I use the harrah (-) because its grammatically correct. I guess thats why people use the carrah (~) online. For some, the Internet is a good excuse for bad grammar.
  17. Okay, look here: #1: Thats a matter of opinion. Also, records could have the ability to skip tracks, it just took skill. #2: Like I said, CDs use lasers. Imagine scratching one with a needle... it will skip. Same with with a record, it won't skip, but it will give off white noise. #3: I ain't touching that spelling. #4: That makes absolutely no sense. With our modern technology, things have higher bits or KHz or whatever. #5: Um, not really. Walk into a Hot Topic or Tower and BAM! vinyl. If you love your precious vinyl so much, DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR PHONOGRAPH!
  18. Well, CDs actually do have better sound quality. HOWEVER, the reason being is that instead of being scratched to be played, it uses lasers (which means we probably should have used CDs back in 1943, the same year lasers were invented). When you first buy a record and put it on the phonograph, it sounds REALLY good. After that, it is scratched by a needle, ruining the sounds. With CDs, if you manage to keep them clean, give off the same lovely sound all the time. You probably already knew that, I just had to inject this into the conversation.
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