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  1. Okay. This one may be easy. _ e _ _ _ _ _ e by _ t _ _ Its very easy.
  2. I know someone named Joan Terry.
  3. I would like to see Queen with Freddie Mercury (seen them before with Paul Rodgers, it was pretty bad) perform... don't really care when. I always thought it would be awesome to see the original Queen live doing Love of My Life.
  4. Altoids Apple Sours. I'm also eating or drinking (depends on who you talk to) some ice cubes to cut down the painful jolt of sour.
  5. This thread is dying! Save it, Jerry!
  6. I think your name is hard to carry.
  7. I started this game! I can't believe this $%#^!
  8. Yeah, its awesome to be back. I joined May 26th... almost a year ago, and I have 120 posts. Sad.
  9. Welcome me back! I logged on here a few times last year, and left for forums like G-net. Now I'm back and might stay here longer.
  10. Also, Bazooka, not meaning to insult or offend you, but your double and triple posting is getting somewhat annoying. Sorry.
  11. So, I just saw POTC: Dead Man's Chest and thought it lived up to the hype. It was 10x better than Black Pearl... but I had to go to the theater an hour before box office opened to get tickets. Also, there were several midnight showings... Where I come from, the midnight showing sold out at 5 pm. So, I guess you can, um, discuss the movie here?
  12. Hey guys! Its been a while since I last posted. But my question is how would you generalize Linkin Park? First it's like rap, then rock, then rap again, then rock... Rap-rock maybe? What do you guys say?
  13. When did he say this? I heard he moved to the country charts a few months ago.
  14. Oh. Thank you! I always thought riff was lead...
  15. To some, this may be a stupid question, but... What's the difference between a rythym guitar and a lead guitar? And please, no smart @$$ answers like "One plays rythym and another leads." You rock if you help me.
  16. Styx- Um, everything. The Clash- Um, everything. Queen- Um, everything. AC/DC- Um, everything. Elvis Presley- Everything. Nirvana- Everything. Guns'N'Roses- Most everything. Pink Floyd- Everything.
  17. Um, on Neighborhood Bully... There was one major nuclear meltdown in history: Cherynoble. Iraq was never bombed. And dude... You are thinking WAY too far outside of the box here. Some of these lyrics are what they seem, not all of them have quote "hidden meanings".
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