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  1. Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots (some consider them grunge)...some of the bands that complete my teen years. So, grunge, anyone? :guitar:
  2. i didnt mean to make that reply in response to diggsuk, i mustve did it wrong. damn my noobieness.
  3. I loved Greenday when they first came out. The Dookie album reminds me of summer 1994, I was 15 years old. As far as their genre...um...
  4. wow some of those song titles made me think of songs i havent heard in a long time, most of those songs take me back to being 14 years old...ALICE IN CHAINS RULE
  5. I know Good Charlotte has been posted a million times. So I will put Hootie & The Blowfish. good God do they suck the big one.
  6. A combo of metal/punk/rap. They sound way better than I just wrote though. Theyre from Auburn, Washington, I saw them perform at a bar once and they kicked my ass. Me and my friends stalked the band after the show haha, that was fun
  7. Iron Maiden kicked all of our asses. They were great. Not sure how old Bruce Dickinson is, but dude was running all over the stage, diving off of speakers and such...awesome.
  8. The song 'Capricorn' got me into these guys, that song kicks ass!
  9. YEAH Madness!! "ONE STEP BEYOND!!!!"
  10. I agree with Judo, I dislike country music but Johnny Cash is awesome! ok and so is Willie Nelson.
  11. Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train'!! hehe
  12. the only thing I can say about Jimmy Buffett : his restuarant Margaritaville in Vegas is awesome. I know that has nothing to do with your post
  13. Bryan Adams - it was my first concert, I was 7 years old, and I fell asleep haha Grass Roots with Blood Sweat & Tears - 1993, I was 13 and went with my dad, not knowing who either band were. i liked it. Lalopalooza '94 - i loved this one. the breeders, L7, smashing pumpkins, beastie boys.nirvana was supposed to be here but, you know... Weird Al - 1997 at the Puyallup Fair. It was pretty cool. Ozzfest 2003 - kicked ass, I drank too much though Ozzfest 2004 - kicked ass, but got annoyed at people always bein in my way haha Ozzfest 2005 - my favorite ozzfest so far
  14. Who all is goin to this year's Ozzfest? Washington's is the first year, and what kicks more ass is that OZZY will be there!! Well, hopefully.
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