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  1. Mov’em UP 5 - Sixteen Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford 4 - Big Bad John – Jimmy Dean 3 - The Battle Of New Orleans - Johnny Horton 2 - The Wayward Wind – Gogi Grant 1 - Venus – Frankie Avalon Mov’em DOWN 5 - Mack The Knife – Bobby Darin 4 - Tossin & Turnin – Bobby Lewis 3 - Tammy – Debbie Reynolds 2 - The Purple People Eater –Sheb Wooley 1 - Young Love – Tab Hunter Should be on the chart: 5 - Tom Dooley – The Kingston Trio (1958 Capitol Records) 4 - High Noon – Frankie Laine (1952) 3 - Dream Lover - Recorded By Bobby Darin On March 5, 1959. 2 - Just Walking In The Rain – Johnny Ray (1956) 1 - Brian Hyland - Sealed With A Kiss 1962 BTW, IMHO I’d much prefer JAMES LAST's version of: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (I) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaTd48ztYyI)
  2. Thanks Edna, It does feel good to be around, but after having moved DownUnder I'm not sure I can keep this up. Cheers!
  3. Hello Old55, Thanks a mil for the invitation. Feels good to be back. When does voting close? I've been away from the threads for so long - gone a bit rusty. Need time to compile my "should be on the chart" list. Cheers! Judo
  4. 1. A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles (1964) 2. Candy Man, The - Sammy Davis Jr. (1972) 3. Do What You Do, Do Well - Ned Miller (1964) 4. Workin' Man's Blues - Merle Haggard (1969) 5. Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam (1969) 6. Do You Love Me - The Contours (1962) 7. My Way - Frank Sinatra (1969) 8. Tide is High, The - Blondie (1980) 9. Tell Mama - Etta James (1968) 10. Stagger Lee - Lloyd Price (1959
  5. The Graph: Judo used to compile this each week, giving a colorful look at the makeup of the Top Ten. My apologies for not being in a position to continue with this contribution. Changed circumstances and new priorities preclude me from being the regular I once was on the Top Tens, but cheers! to all you other regulars; keep the Top Ten flag flying high and do our dear Old'55 proud.
  6. In response to: - Edna, - The Seeker, - Chris (C_S_1987), - Lucky, (You've got my vote for Merle Haggard; I'm sure we can all relate to this hit song - Workin Man Blues) - Old 55, (You've got my vote for A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles ) Yeah, it feels good to be back. Wish I had more time to be a 'regular' again.
  7. WOW, the 100th Top Ten !! Onya 55! - Congrats ! good intro too. Happy #100 everybody ! Am gonna stick with my oldies as usual : The Candy Man - Sammy Davis Jr. Do What You Do, Do Well - Ned Miller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-GdOpGiYKc
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edna, May you have MANY MANY more. Love from Judo and all the Songfactors on the top Ten.
  9. Sorry I was not around to nominate - about to exit the Middle East. If I am allowed to vote here are my ten: 1. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Animals 2. Barbara Ann - The Who 3. Young Girl - Gary Puckett & The Union Gap 4. Save the Last Dance For Me - The Drifters 5. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon 6. Rambling Man - The Allman Brothers Band 7. Last Christmas – Wham 8. Only Living Boy in New York, The - Simon & Garfunkel 9. School Days - Chuck Berry 10. Well... All Right – Santana
  10. 1. Come Together - The Beatles 2. Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond 3. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra 4. Son of Hickory Holler’s Tramp, The - O.C. Smith 5. We've Got Tonight - Bob Seger 6. Love Child - Diana Ross & The Supremes 7. Buddy Holly – Weezer 8. Little Sister - Ry Cooder 9. Common People – Pulp 10. Old Red Wine - The Who
  11. Thank you Dappled - that was good ! Congrats Shadows !!
  12. Song Sung Blue – Neil Diamond Son of Hickory Holler’s Tramp, The – O.C. Smith
  13. I left out a couple of good ones 1. I Can Help - Billy Swan 2. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass 3. Beechwood 4-5789 - The Marvelettes 4. Wooly Bully - Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs 5. Something - The Beatles 6. Hang On Sloopy - The McCoys 7. Sunday Morning Coming Down - Johnny Cash 8. It Never Rains In Southern California - Albert Hammond 9. Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love) - Waylon Jennings 10. You're The One That I Want - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John
  14. Thanks Darryl, Could you please change my nomination to the Billy Swan's version of "I Can Help"
  15. This top ten is gonna be a tough one. I just hope I am around before the votes close, if not Darryl could you please give my nominations the default 10 and 9 points. Thanks. I'll do my best to come back and vote.
  16. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass I Can Help - Billy Swan I hope I got the title and the artists correct. I don't have my lista at hand, but I know I can count on Farin to rescue me.
  17. Darryl, Edna and CeeCee, thank you for your kind words. Nothing major, just a visit to my ENT surgeon to investigate whether my partial hearing loss is due to upper respiratory complications or whether yours truly is really growing too old too fast I'm sure all here on songfacts would agree what good would life be without a good pair of ears.
  18. Darryl, please pardon me if I am slow on the take. I am away on short medical leave. I will look in on the threads now and then. I am working from an IT cafe where the software on the terminal PC is rather limited. The current month's graph could be late.
  19. 1.Only Time - Enya 2.Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Kingston Trio 3.In The Ghetto - Elvis Presley 4.Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver 5.I Love The Way You Love - Marv Johnson 6.Most Beautiful Girl, The - Charlie Rich 7.She’s Got You - Patsy Cline 8.Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond 9.Waterloo - ABBA 10.This Guy's In Love With You - Herb Alpert
  20. Looks like we have a budding winner - Shawna you most certainly have my votes.
  21. Thank you Farin. You always come to my rescue Obviously I got the title wrong. I heard this song from a laptop burned borrowed CD that did not have a label nor track listings. Only know the artist to be Enya.
  22. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Kingston Trio Who Can Say - Enya
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