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  1. Laurie_ 11-21-05 08:35 PM - Post#172464 thought that "Can't You See" is depresing. Lyrically, it's a blues type construction. The singer is sad, but he's moving on. "Gonna catch a frieght train...Till that train runs out of track" Get away from it all. Start a new life. He's not suicidal, or any such. He's coping. BTW, a few years after the Marshall Tucker Band had their hit, Waylon Jennings took his recording to success on the country charts. A good song has legs, and this one does.
  2. How about "Games People Play" by Joe South. It charted back in the 60's but it's still a great song, even tho my lp got well worn before I got good equipment.
  3. Lorrie Morgan has a really good song (and a big country hit) with all the days in the lyrics. Sorry, don't know the title. I got the artist from my wife.
  4. You may have missed this story when it ran in October of 05, but I think it's relevant here. I assume the whole story can still be found at this URL: If not, an email to sparkplug54@copper.net will get you a copy. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/la-et-doors5oct05,1,5477422.story From the Los Angeles Times COLUMN ONE Ex-Door Lighting Their Ire Drummer John Densmore refuses to let the group's songs be used in TV ads, much to the chagrin of his former bandmates. By Geoff Boucher Times Staff Writer October 5, 2005 Bob Dylan is singing "The Times They Are A-Changin
  5. John Schlitt (sp) the lead singer for Head East. He later joined the Christian band, Petra, where he took over lead, when the other guy went solo, I think. Fuzzy memory, over 20 years ago. Petra was one of the pioneers in CCM, and they're still going. I saw an ad for a new album, recently.
  6. You are thinking about "Talk It Over", by Grayson Hughes. Song Hit 88-89 or so. Seems he had another hit, don't remember what it was right now. BTW, the background music channel in Kroger has this in rotation these days
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