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  1. Thank you Blind-fitter, its good to be back. But can someone tell me how I can get an avatar?

    Yes boredom Carl. But what I often wonder is where did the boredom come from? Is boredom hieghtened somehow during the teenagers/young adult's experience? Or was their brand of boredom something unique to 80s culture? Or was the boredom generated from something else?

    Personally I think if someone is bored then its their own damn fault.

  2. When the 1980s began basketball players wore their shorts in a tight-fitting manner, with their socks up to their kneecaps. High school boys wore mullets in a non-ironic style. There was no AIDS then, no HIV, no al qaida, no jihad, no hole in the ozone, no genetically engineered animals, no Savings and Loan scandal. There was also no Mtv, no CNN, no ESPN, no HBO, no celebrity televangelists, no millionaire athletes, no personal home computers, no Nintendo, no Playstations, no cell phones, no gangsta rap/hip hop, no ‘sampling’, no grunge, no emo, no “alternative rock”, no compact discs, no digital music, no Prozac, and no artificial heart transplants. The one thing we did have was Classic Rock...But by the end of the decade all of that had changed.

  3. Yeah, I think you were right. My wife filed for divorce in spring of 2007. Two months after filing for divorce she told me she was pregnant with our daughter...


  4. Come on, give us the link to your blog already.

    All right, here's my latest entry, its titled "Why Everything You Think You Know About Punk Is COmpletely Wrong"...I think you'll like it:


    BTW, the blog answers the question of what the ten best punk rock albums of all-time are...

  5. It's funny though that, about four years ago, I was trying and failing to get into The White Stripes 'cos they just sounded too much like Led Zep to my ears. Meanwhile, over in Charlotte, N. Carolina, a total stranger was really digging The White Stripes precisely because they reminded him of Led Zep.

    Strikes me as more than mere happenstance...

    B-F, let me get this straight. You saying that you failed to like White Stripes because they sounded too much like Led Zep? So then, am I to assume that that means you dont like Led Zep?

    ANd okay, let's assume White Stripes and Led Zep sound alike for a second. What specifically is it that you think sounds so similar? Is it just the the guitar tones and the riffs? If that is the case, then I could see there being an argument that Jimmy Page and Jack White sound similar, but there was more to Led Zep than just Jimmy Page, thought admittedly he was a huge part of it. But he was also a big part of the Yardbirds, so would you say that the White Stripes sound similar to the Yardbirds as well?

    I'm very familiar with how Led Zep was formed and that it was Page who put it together and did most of the songwriting, still though there were so many more layers to Led Zep than just being Page's backing band...

  6. Yes, Zebra was included in Rockism 101's list of 21 bands that sound like Led Zep...

    What exactly do you hear in Soundgarden? I hear no Bonhamesque drumming and no "intricate organ solos". And can you really lump Dread Zeppelin and Lez Zeppelin into the "soundalike" category?

    Chris Cornell has a deeper voice than Plant, but his overly dramatic phrasing reminds me of Plant. Also the heavy guitar of SOundgarden harkens back to a Led Zep-influenced sound. I've read articles where band members site Led Zep as a major influence.

    As for Dread Zeppelin, they are a brilliantly satirical spin on Led Zep and who at their very core are founded on the same energy as Led Zep. Also remember that Led Zep did get quite funky at times, and songs like "d'yer maker" are a beautiful blend of funky rythms with heavy guitar that Dread Zep has copied and expanded on...

  7. What are you people hearing from The White Stripes (besides the guitar) that sounds anything like Led Zep? I'm not hearing anything remotely like Bonham in the drumming, I dont hear any of John Paul Jones intricate organ intros, and Whites vocal phrasings are much different than Plants...So again, I'm just not hearing it.

    Also, c s 1987--good post. I tried representing bands that resembled all sides of Led Zeps songs. Bands like The Tea Party and Fear Itself for instance.

    BTW, there are certainly other bands who owe a debt to Led Zep, the 21 I selected just happen to be the ones that are most obvious to me...

  8. The jam are one of my favorite UK bands of the last 30 years--which isnt really saying much, because the UK bands really started getting really bad around 1981ish and as of yet havent recovered. Still the Jam was good enough to make my list of Top Power Trios of all-time (even though they really arent much of a POWER trio--still that's the name that just about any trio that plays rock gets, even the Police)...

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