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  1. candy store rock gallows pole and poor tom
  2. to me your breaking my heart is the number one break up song
  3. lets start with my beatle info fav paul: lovley rita or good day sunshine fav ringo: honey dont or goodnight fav george: savoy truffle or old browm shoe fav john: run for your life or i am the walrus solo paul: your loving flame or coming up george: bangladesh or oh wait theres to many you see george is my favorite ringo: back of bugaloo or no no song john: instant karma or waching the wheels line paul: what does it matter to you george: theres nothing to it ringo : get up and get me somthing tasty john: who the hell do think you are
  4. ok whats talk beatles what the song means who sang it what your fav solo act etc
  5. ITS TOUGH, SO IM GONNA GO OVER 10 old brown shoe get back piggies savoy truffle cry baby cry michelle yesterday martha my dear hey jude lucy in the sky all you need is love penny lane strawberry fields a day in life hello good bye maxwel silver hammer the end/ her magisty mean mr mustard you never give me your money oh darling sexie sadie helter skelter revolution octopus garden here comes the sun while my gutair.... bungalow bill rocky racoon something because wild honey pie happiness is a warm gun cry baby cry im so tired yer blues dont pass me by bac
  6. oh sorry its just that im new ( this is my first forum here) and yes i added new wave
  7. heres mine alice resturant bangalash call me der kommisher emotional rescue for you love gallows pole how do you do im alright jump into the fire karn evil 9 logical song move it on over never benn to spain oh well pride and joy question rock on season of the witch tuff enuf undun voice when love come to town year of the cat zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzats it
  8. well thats the point more is better
  9. well i have to say mine is oh its tuff i tell you after a few have wrote make to this
  10. list you favorite classic rock songs and please make it a real big list
  11. 1 my old school steely dan 2. three little birds bob marley 3 the sky is crying the thorogood verson
  12. a lot of ppl luv smoke on the water
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