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    Another band isnt new to me Im sure not new to a lot of ppl but I didnt see them on the list. I enjoy there music I really like the songs. "How to save a life" " Trust Me " " Over my head " - I think that one is on the radio Several other songs on there cd are pretty good worth looking into if you like that sort of music.
  2. There not really new to me but I havent seen anybody mention them. They have several good songs that I perfer to listen to while I work out. Its that type of music for me. Keeps me going. I dont listen to the radio so Im not sure if they play them or not.
  3. Could use Michaels choice on The Office an use U2 - with or without you :guitar:
  4. Can anybody think of any songs dealing with the word maladaptive in it. Just was curious.. Im drawing a blank an I'd like to have a few songs with that in it. Thank you have a good week
  5. I was curious if anybody else heard about the rumor about Microsoft comming out with an Ipod like music mp3. I heard about it a few months ago just havent heard anything else about it.
  6. do you know if there is a title to that song she was singing ? It only last for like a min. I would think they would come out with another Soundtrack for the extended parts of the movie just to make money off of it but I cant find it anywhere. It was where the "king" was taking this cloth an washing her face an looking at her arm than she woke up.
  7. Ok I just got done watching Return of the King extended version an I was curious if anybody knew the song that was playing in the background when the "king or the ranger guy who turned into the king" was healing the blonde chick who killed the guy on the dragon. It was an awesome movie an I really liked the song that was playing I tried looking for it in the Soundtracks on amazon. But it wasnt there. It was a women singing.
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