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    I'm still not sure.Is it cool to paste links?
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    Oh yeah,i'm a mind reader too.I did read the rules but sorry, still a bit confused
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    Most Underrated Guitarists

    Yeah i honestly believe that Angus Young is one of the greats,but my brother Wayne,gee i wish he got involved.Oh well you turn left when you shoulda turned right,vice versa.
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    Is it right or fair or just bizarre ?

    Is it fair i'm in a wheelchair And the way that people stare Life's not meant to be fair Just deal with it. For if it does not kill you it will only make you stronger
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    The Eddys

    Yeah long time ago now but,i used to go watch a rockabilly band down the local.Anyways,Glenn Shorrock hooked up with them after his succes with Little River Band.I heard they were popular in Europe after leaving Oz.They were The Eddys.Any feedback appreciated,thanks.Oh yeah,they rocked.
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    Are You Monkish?

    There is Monk in all of us.Remember Howard Hughes,wow.
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    Denis Wilson kept Manson's bullet?

    Once again you people amaze me.Thanks heaps.
  8. Is and if it's true does anyone know if Denis Wilson of The beach boys fame kept the bullet that Charlie Manson gave him,or am i just a sucker for fiction?
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    Please Sign This Petition

    In the words of Eric Cartman,'THAT SUCKS'.
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    Watch out for Jason Vorhees...

    Funny.Like the song ,Back Then,a line in it goes'Bruce Lee versus Poltergeist'
  11. parralyze

    Tell me about David Bowie.

    Well,his eyes aren't the same colour.
  12. parralyze

    Anyone heard of Mark Gillespie?

    Wow,you guys blow me away.I'd like to apologise and thank you.In the words of Mark Gillespie,'We should be greatful for small mercies'.
  13. Hi,this is my first post, nice site by the way.I listen to an aussie artist by the name of Mark Gillespie,great lyrcist.I've tryed to no avail to google him.He don't exist on the net.Why could this be?
  14. I've heard 5 of the songs and know of 1 of the mentioned artists
  15. parralyze

    Foooooooooos :D

    Yeah Foo fighters.Isn't their lead singer former drummer of Nirvana?
  16. parralyze

    Tell me about David Bowie.

    Notice the colour of his eyes?
  17. parralyze

    Watch out for Jason Vorhees...

    I survived
  18. parralyze

    Please Sign This Petition

    Sincerely, The Undersigned.
  19. parralyze

    Anyone heard of Mark Gillespie?

    different artist