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  1. Please help. I am doing a slideshow for my brother and I am trying desperately to find two songs that would go well with 8 minutes of video that I have of my father destroying his opponents in armwrestling matches. He is now passed on so I would like something about strength and courage. Any genre works. Nothing like eye of the tiger stuff..just something different...
  2. I just downloaded it..and no that's not it. It's a bit faster..it sounds newer..like I said kinda like 54-40
  3. I need to know the name of a song..the only lyrics I know are... Baby I love you..I love you.... it's an upbeat song..kinda sounds like 54-40. He repeats baby I love you like a million times.. please please......
  4. an example of what I was looking for is as follows: Long Gone Neil Diamond Say lady Oh, you got to tell me What it was came over you You ain't the devil, But you might as well be For all the changes That you put me through Long gone, baby is what I'm gonna be Long gone, pack up and save my soul Hang on to whatever's left of me Find me walkin' the long gone road Want someone to believe in Need someone that wants me, too Don't want no lies and deceivin' Girl, that's all I get from you Long gone, baby is what I'm gonna be Long gone, pack up and save my
  5. Ok..this is by far the most amazing music site I have ever visited where everyone understands every emotion that music can put a name too. My "boyfriend" is 100% the description of the following lyrics and I NEED more songs that describe this so I understand I'm not alone in this crap. This is another one of those heartbreak hotel joints for the ladies Why won't u grow up & be a man someday I can't believe that you're still playing silly games Now why do I put up w/ all this child's play Now if your word is all you have Then u ain't worth a damn thing [Chorus:] Promises you
  6. Ok..so that last 3 posts I have posted with the least amount of information about a song i'm searching for you guys have figured out. This is going to be the hardest of them all, cause I don't even know a lyric! But here goes. There is a male singer..there is an electic guitar, and a good drum beat. it's a fast paced song. it's not the Beastie Boys..but could MAYBE sound along that line..or maybe a Weezer type of song. This would be a miracle!!
  7. I need some more songs for a CD that I'm burning..everyone here seems to have such in depth music taste..I love it. So here are a couple songs I have and would kinda like to stick to the same "theme" 1. Arlo Guthrie - Coming Into Los Angeles 2. Joe South - Games People Play 3. Seals & Crofts - Summer Breeze 4. The Band - The Weight 5. Neil Young - Harvest 6. David Bowie - Suffragette City 7. Zombies - Time Of The Season 8. America - Horse With No Name And I have a couple more. Do you guys and gals kinda see the coralation? Can anyone give some more songs for me?? Thanks!
  8. Ok..so far you guys have been 2/2 when I request my songs that I don't know who sings it. Here is another one. It is an 80's song..they KINDA sound like Mr.Big..well maybe it IS Mr. Big..hehe. Something about "you sure played it hot, you sure played it cool, now your just something something something"
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