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  1. "My Ding-a-Ling" Chuck Berry rtstuff
  2. A lot of good ones here. Here are my top ten 1.Unchained Melody 2.Respect 3.Might Moves 4.The Weight 5.Lets Stay Together 6.Revolution 7.Thunderstruck 8.Cecilia 9.It's My Life 10.Don't Bring Me Down rtstuff Thunderstruck in WV.
  3. Well I just got back from a block party celebrating the kickoff of filming about the Marshall U. 1970 football team. The director McG was there along with David Stratharin of "Good Luck,and Good" Night fame. Yes ladies Matthew McConughey was there and I was about 10 yards from him. McConughey seems like a laid back good ole country boy, while Stratharin brings a certain sophistication to the stage. Matthew Fox was not in attendace. He is suppose to arrive tomorrow for the beginning of filming on Monday. I understand that one of the early scenes to be filmed will be at a cemetery about a block from my house. I will be at work,but I told my wife to try and sneek in and pretend she is there to just walk the dog. rtstuff "Hope is a good thing,maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" Andy Dufresne "The Shawshank Redemption".
  4. It seems to me they are voting for Bucky "I can't carry a tune", Covington. rtstuff
  5. Now I'll drink to that MarcM. In fact after work today I'm going to visit Marqaritta Ville. rtstuff
  6. For next week here are mine OLD 55 Amercian Pie Unchained Melody rtstuff "I'm Batman" Michael Keaton as Batman.
  7. "We need a bigger boat" Richard Dreyfus in "Jaws" rtstuff
  8. I am always mindin' the Herd OLD 55. The "Thundering Herd" of Marshall that is. By the way my above listing is in numerical order of 1 to 10 by preference. rtstuff
  9. A very average performance by all. One of my 10th grade girls in class this morning said that Taylor is "sexy". rtstuff
  10. my top ten would be: Let It Be I Had Too Much To Dream Good Lovin Run Away Hey 19 Day After Day Up On The Roof Layla What A Fool Believe Day Dream Believer rtstuff
  11. Here are mine Old 55 "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" The Electric Prunes. I don't have my own copy of this, and the oldies station in town seldom plays it, but when they do it absolutely rocks me. I think it is the pyschedelic arrangement that does it for me. My other one would have to be "Let It Be" by the Beatles. The message just touches my heart. It touches me like Judy Collins' version of "Amazing Grace". rtstuff Marshall U. 1971 From ashes to glory.
  12. "Hope is a good thing" Andy. "The Shawshank Redemtion."
  13. Willie Nelson will be touring with John Fogerty this summer. It will be Whiskey River meets the Green River. rtstuff
  14. I am so sorry I ruined it for you B-F. Next time I will think before I post any results. By the way I got the CD Victorialand. It certainly is ethereal and different. I still think I like Enya's styly just a little bit better. Cheers rtstuff.
  15. I can't believe the Kevin is gone. I still think he has more talent than Buckaroo. The little fella has a much better voice than Bucky, but does lack a lot of stage presence. My top three are Mandesa, Chris and Catherine. My next two in no particular order would be Taylor, a great showman, and Paris. You can tell that Paris has had the advantage of being from a family of entertainers. She has obviously had a lot of training. After my top five I think it is anyone's guess except I would put Bucky in last place. rtstuff
  16. "Calling doctor Howard, Calling doctor Fine. Calling doctor Howard, Calling doctor Fine." rtstuff
  17. At one time Shemp was voted the "Ugliest Man In Hollywood" rtstuff
  18. Too cold for March 22 in these parts. 19 degrees Fahrenheit this morning with a skiff of snow on the ground and cars. rtstuff Home of the Herd: Huntington, West Virginia
  19. True story. I remember reading a story several years ago where a patron of a topless club filed suit against a dancer because he claimed he was severely burised about the facial region by the breast of one of the dancers that had gotten too close to him. No joking guys I really did read this story. Would this go under the category of "assault with a deadly weapon or a friendly weapon?" Or should that be "weapons?" rtstuff
  20. oops that should read "get the boot and not beat" rtstuff
  21. I look for either Lisa or Bucky to get the beat. I love Buddy Holley and I think Bucky butchered his song. Good Bye Bucky. rtstuff
  22. Hey Batman The guy that did percussion for Santana back in the day had a last name of Shreve. I can't think of his first name right off hand.. He was a "BLURR" rtstuff
  23. I would like to see a movie about the Everly Brothers. There constant feuding as brothers and their music I think would make for a interesting movie. However, I have had a heck of a time coming up with the two main actors. I may need some help from you guys and gals on the casting. I could only come up with perhaps Hugh Jackman and Jake Gillenhayll or however you spell his name. I know Joaquim Phoenix has already done Cash, but he may also do a good Phil or Don Everly. What do you all think? rtstuff
  24. "Be the Ball" Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack.
  25. I know he wasn't a member of the band, but I would have fired colonel Tom Parker. He destroyed Elvis. rtstuff
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