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  1. I am going to amend my choices to "The End" by the Doors instead of "Summer in the City". My first pick is still "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. 1. Paint it Black. The Rolling Stones 2. The End. The Doors. rtstuff
  2. Project "Blue Book" investigated UFO sightings over a period of 2 decades. I think ET was a contributing author to that manuscript. rtstuff currently located in a parallel Universe where OLD 55 is a teenage rock star and Uncle Joe is starting shortstop with the Phillies.
  3. "Beach Baby" by the one hit wonder group First Class trying to sound like the "The Beach Boys". rtstuff
  4. Hey guys here are my next two. 1. Summer in the City. The Lovin' Spoonful summer of 1966. I remember it well. 2. Paint it Black. The Rolling Stones Great Viet Nam era song. rtstuff
  5. "On my signal unleash Hell" Russell Crowe in "The Gladiator" rtstuff
  6. Wow I was on the set last night when an actual scene of the "We Are Marshall" movie was shot last night. It was shot in a movie theater that was set back in 1970. Two Marshall players that were not on the plane were watching the movie "Kelly's Heroes". The jest of the scene is that the movie is suddenly stoped and an announcement is made that there has been a bad accident at Tri-State Airport. The whole scene lasts probably a minute and it took two hours to shoot it. I was amazed at how hard everyone works especially the technical crew. They really know their stuff. All of these people have been very nice and accomodating. They are high class folks. This is something that you don't always here about these Hollywood types. I met the publicist for Warner Brothers Films, and I met one of the actors. My wife and I met Anthony Mackie who plays one of the Marshall players that missed the flight due to an injury. Ernie, who was the publicist, also was the main promoter for the film "Friday Night Lights". The film about the legendary Texas high school team. Anthony is probably best known as one of the boxers in "Million Dollar Baby". He is the loud mouth that beats up the little guys that is kind of mentally challenged. Morgan Freeman then cleans Anthony's clock. There is a slight chance that I may get in on another scene before filming in Huntington is completed on Saturday. Filming next moves to Atlanta where the football sequences will be shot. They found an old stadium outside of Atlanta that looks a lot like the old stadium that Marshall played at during the 70's and 80"s. rtstuff Thunderstruck in Huntington
  7. Tubular Bells.... Wow I haven't heard that one in awhile. Are you talking about the Tubular Bells of the "Exorcist" fame? That was cooool. rtstuff
  8. Wow this is getting tough. So many good songs. 1. Midnight Confession 2. Amercian Woman 3. One Of These Nights 4. White Rabbit 5. Pappa Was A Rolling Stone 6. The Letter 7. Build Me Up Buttercup 8. Sister Golden Hair 9. Urgent 10.Kodachrome rtstuff Thunderstruck In Huntington, WV
  9. Here we go OLD 55 I have my two picks that hopefully haven't been use already. 1. "American Woman" by The Guess Who 2. "Midnight Confession" by The Grass Roots who I think are a very underrated group. I don't know if they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or not,but if they aren't they deserve to be. From about '67 through '70 they were one of the hottest groups going in the states. rtstuff
  10. If you haven't been to the "gas" chamber yet remember not to shave that morning. rtstuff
  11. Hey Darryl when will we get to nominate again? I have 2 goodies I am going to surprise everyone with. With my luck though they probably have already been used. We will see. rtstuff Thunderstruck in West Virginia.
  12. Although Jesus wasn't the central figure I liked Anthony Quinn in "Barabas" rtstuff
  13. I am real sorry about your grandma, Psycho. Hang in there dude. rtstuff 326th Ord Co. 1971-1977 Spring Valley, West Virginia.
  14. Here is another link for everyone. http://www.marshall.edu//movie There are a lot of nice still photos from some of the scenes that have been shot so far. rtstuff
  15. I didn't get to nominate this time, but here is my top ten. 1. The Pretender 2. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 3. Proud Mary 4. Born To Be Wild 5. Wouldn't It Be Nice 6. Peaceful Easy Feeling 7. Hush 8. Rikki Don't Lose That Number 9. Boys of Summer 10.Time Is Tight rtstuff
  16. "God Only Knows" The Beach Boys with Carl Wilson on the vocals. One beautiful song! rtstuff
  17. Your welcome "Peaches". This will not be your typical football movie like "The Longest Yard" or "NOrth Dallas 40". This is about a town and its people never giving up after a terrible tragedy. It will focus on human spirit and courage. As a side note it will employ the theme of water being a sustainer of life. rtstuff
  18. Ace is gone in my opinon. Bucky survives again. As I predicted I thought Kelly pulled it off last night. Chris sounds the same everytime out. Simon to Taylor last night, "Are you drunk". For our friends across the pond all of these are just my opinons. We will find out the results tonight. I will post nothing of the actual results so not to spoil it for our overseas friends. rtstuff
  19. Well it certainly has been like Hollywood around here lately. Major city thoroughfares have been shut down for periods in my little town for the last ten days. Many large vans with tons of technical equipment have been all over town. One scene was filmed at a cemetery about a block from my house. My mum and wife were extras in a scene today that was shot on campus at the Memorial Fountain. They said it was an experience of a life time. There scene will be shown at the end of the film. These Hollywood folks have actually seemed real down to earth people. The entire Warner Brothers team have been very complimentary about our town and the willingness of the locals to be of assistance. I have seen some short clips and still photos on local news cast and on the internet. I truly believe these folks are committed to tell an accurate and sensitive story about this event. A lot of people are really kind of "giddy" about all of this. When I found myself getting this way I just think about the memorial in the cemetery just a stones throw from my front door and I am jolted back to reality. My wife asked me if I was going to the cemetery the day of the filming for a look see and I couldn't bring myself to go there. The date may have been Nov 14th, 1970 but the thoughts of what happened are still too fresh in my mind. Working at the student radio station as the play by play man for the team it was only a month earlier that the station manager and I chose not to fly with the team to Greenville, North Carolina. This film will be tough for many folks in this town to watch. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  20. Once last year I got up and went through my regular routine of getting ready and going into work(I teach at a high school). As I am driving into work I noticed that it seemed a little darker than normal. When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed that I was the only car in the lot. Even my buddy who gets to work at the "crack" of dawn so to speak wasn't even there. I then looked at my watch and noticed it was only 6 am instead of the usual 7 am when I normally arrive at work. Apparently our power went off in the middle of the night and when I went to resest the radio alarm I did it incorrectly. So I get to work and no one is there. I go to my room to get an early start. I unlock my door and go inside realizing I need to visit the little boys room. As I return from the little boys room I realize that I have locked my room door and the key is inside. Since everything is still pretty dark my only hope is to find one administrator that can get me into my room. I figured that I would have a decent chance of locating him because he generally gets to work around 5 am. Sure enough I find him and he lets me in. However, by now it is just about the time I normally would be getting to work so my chance of getting a head start on the day has gone down the drain. rtstuff "The early bird gets the worm" Sometimes!!
  21. "I want to warn you, I'm a screamer". Billy Bob Thornton as Davey Crockett in the movie the Alamo. Billy Bob says this just before Santa Anna's men execute him. rtstuff. "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and good things don't die." Andy Dufrense in the Shawshank Redemption.
  22. I agree with you on Sleepwalk OLD 55. The only other one that I can think of right off hand might be Green Onions by Booker T. and the MG's In the scene from LaBamba right after the plane crashes Sleepwalk is playing in the background. That scene truly does feel like the "Day the Music Died". rtstuff
  23. listening to Bucky do Queen will be like listening to Pavarati sp? do Rap. I am probably wrong on this,but something tells me to watch out for Kelly. I know it sounds wierd, but I think the little "vamp" is goint to pull it off. rtstuff Huntington, West Virginia aka "Little Hollywood"
  24. I heard Cyndi sing "Take me out to the ball game" at Wrigley Field about 4 years ago. It was cool. As everyone has said, great voice! rtstuff
  25. "ET Eddie Torrez, The Man with the Extra Testicle Cheech and Chong came to Huntington to do a concert in the late 70's. They came up to the local "Y" and played hoops with some of my friends. I was told they were actually pretty good athleticly. Tommy Chong was pretty good at hoops and Cheech did some weight lifting. rtstuff
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