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  1. Paul whatever you do DO NOT shave the morning that you go into the gas chamber. You will have a drill where you go into a small cinder block room with your gas mask on. In the middle of the room will be a live cannister of CS gas. The purpose of the exercise is to show you how a functional gas mask will protect you. The demonstration will give you confidence in your gear. Now comes the hard part. You will be instructed to remove your mask and say something like your name serial number(your ssn) and your home town. More than likely you will be instructed to not shave that morning. One of our guys forgot and the CS gas scorched his irritated skin pretty good. Of all the things I did in basic the worse experience was the gas chamber. It did a number on me. Stay cool and you will be ok. Oh by the way you will come out of basic the best shape in your life. You will be able to run for ever, do endless setups and pushups. God Speed. rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd.
  2. I'm going to try this one Brad. I am not sure if these are considered two different cuts or only one. Mitch Ryder's "Devil With The Blue Dress On"/ and "Good Golly Miss Molly". rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd 1971
  3. As you know I have signed my posts with Marshall University, 1972 or home of the Thundering Herd. On November 14, 1970 a plane carrying the Marshall football team and many team boosters, local business leaders and a number of the medical communtiy crashed as it approached the airport in Huntington, West Virginia. All were lost. At the time i was a junior at Marshall. I worked as the play by play anouncer for the campus radio station. A couple of months earlier I along with the station manager were given the opportunity to be on that plane,but we decided that we would wait and see if the basketball team got in a post season tournament and travel to that rather than take the flight with the football team to East Carolina University. To make a long a painfull story short, the football program had to start from scratch beginning in 1971. It was a long and painfull journey that had many pitfalls along the way. Hollywood and Warner Brothers studios have taken on the task of portraying Marshall's rise from the ashes. Matthew McConaughey will the play the part of coach Lengyle who took over as the coach to rebulid the team. Rumor has it that Matt Damon will play assistant coach Red Dawson who didn't take the ill fated flight becauase he was on a recruiting trip. Another key figure will a young player by the name of Nate Ruffing who didn't make the trip because he was injured. Nate passed away a couple of years ago from cancer. Nate is buried in the cemetery along side several of his brothers in arms that went down that cold and dreary November night. The cemetery can be seen from my house. I am praying that Hollywood does this justice. There is hardly anyone in this town over 50 that this tragedy hasn't effected in some way. Some a lot more tragicly than others. Well that's my story rtstuff Marshall University, 1971 Home of the Thundering Herd.
  4. Best of luck young man. You are doing a honorable thing. My father trained at Fort Leonard Wood before he left for Europe during WWII. I trined at Fort Dix New Jersey in 1972 when I joined the Army Reserves. rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd.
  5. Bonimo sp? Turkish Taffy, Man I loved vanilla and bananna. You could slam it on your old wooden top desk at school and it would crack up into smaller pieces that were easier to eat. Speaking of candy I loved the sour apple and sour grape balls that you could chew as bubble gum after you crunched on them for a while. What about those little wax shaped bottles that had colored flavored liquid in them? Do they still make this stuff? rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd
  6. Guys and Gals I am not sure if there is any appropriate place on this forum to post this message. I thought perhaps random thoughts might be the closest to being a good spot for this. My very good friend just had a tumor removed from the bone in his right arm. Right now we are waiting for the pathology report to come back on this coming Thursday. Him and his wife are special friends to my wife and I. Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated for my friend Bernie. I didn't think it could hurt to have people from all over the world saying a little prayer for my buddy. Thanks so much Tom aka, rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd.
  7. Thanks bazooka for the thread. A lot of neat stuff there. rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd.
  8. For me it was hula hoops, marbles, Davey Crockett hats, slot car racers, and Rockem-Sockem robots. Man that was cool. rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd.
  9. I have arachnaphobia. Spiders give me the creeps. Snakes don't bother me at all. Now spiders are all together a different thing. Yuckkkkkkkkk rtstuff Home of the Thundering Herd!
  10. Sorry if this thread has already been posted, but I was wondering what instrumentals that really excite people. I for one am partial to "Green Onions", "Pipeline" and "Sleep Walking" rtstuff Marshall U. 1971
  11. Oops sorry about the "totaling" Hey my Herd just knocked off the 9th rated team in the country, The University of Southern Pennslyvania at Morganhole, aka, the WVU eeridiots also known as USPAM rtstuff. The University of West Virginia, The Marshall University Thundering Herd 1971
  12. Definitely Jay Black and Cara Mia Bobby Hatfield Unchained Melody Dennis Yost and the Classic's IV The Beatles Let it Be Don Mclean American Pie Santo and Johnny Sleep Walking This brings me to tears every time I watch La Bamba and they play this in the last scene when the news comes out about the plane crash with Buddy, and the Big Bopper. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  13. Hey Jimmy 1104 I think one of the concerns that schools have today is with the number of kids that are getting down right obese. That number is starting to escalate. This number is starting to get larger at much younger age. In West Virginia the state department of education is altering their lunch offerings by cutting down on the portions that are offered. Soda machines are turned off at certain times of the day. So there is a move to address the obese issue. As far as socialization I don't know of any programs that are out there to target this issue. My school encourages kids to get involved in clubs and activities. So many high school kids work now days after school so this knocks them out to participating. On the other hand I guess work could be considered as a type of socialization. Also in my school we have a fairly large population of rural kids that have to ride a bus home every evening. This eliminates many from taking part in after school activities. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  14. I can remember playing Telstar at the local drive-ins on the jukebox. It had those cool sounds of sputnik. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  15. Thanks!!! Great Stuff rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  16. Hey Jimmy 1104 I am a high school teacher and when I ask kids what they are going to do over the summer I either get "play on my computer" or "go to the mall". A few kids, but it seems like that number is getting smaller, actually are involved in activities that take them outside. Heck when I was growing up in the late 50's and 60's the only time we were at home in the summer was to eat our meals. We were out from daylight to sundown involved in some sort of outdoor activity. I lived near a wooded area so us kids were always playing in the woods. One thing though our parents,in my case my mom, because my dad worked a night shift always knew where we were. Yes computers are neat, but I think many kids are missing out on many activities and socialization opportunities. rtsutff Marshall University, 1971
  17. I heard the other day that the recording group America is back in the recording studio. A Horse With NO Name has a lot of signifcance for me. It was played a lot in the winter of 1972 when I was doing Army basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I understand that they did a lot of their early recordings in England while members of their families were stationed there as service men. Hey RonJonSurfer is Fort Dix still standing? I stayed a many of weekends at the little motel right across from the air base in Wrightstown New Jersey. I can't think of the base right off hand. It was real active during that time. A lot of flights leaving for South Viet Nam. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  18. Hell if I would have sold mine I could have been a millionaire by now. Let me tell you folks they are no F'n fun. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  19. I wasn't sure what forum to make this post so I thought I would stick it right here. In all my life I would have never thought that one day I would be discussing with people from all over the world the topic of music or for that matter conversing about any topic with folks from every location on Mother Earth all by the touch of a button. I am 56 from a small town in the small state of West Virginia. Some people here in the states think we are still a part of Virginia. I am discussing rock music with people from Ireland, Australia and the four conners of the earth. Damn this just amazes me to this day even though I have been at this computer stuff for a number of years now. Sorry if this post was inapropriate for this forum. I just wanted folks to know how astounding all this is to me. rtstuff Marshall University 1971 Huntington, West Virginia.
  20. Cute movie. I'm 56 and I shed a tear. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  21. Thanks b-f I am going to look for the CD this week Have a great week! rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  22. I just heard another rock intro that was cool. Check out the intro to Jet Liner by the Steve Miller Band. That is some neat stuff. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  23. I thought that you had mentioned Enya BF. I apologize. I must confess I haven't heard of the Cocteaux Twins,but I will check them out. Could you suggest a particular CD to start with. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
  24. Hey Blind-Fitter. If you listen to Brothers In Arms it sort of has that whispy sound of wind sweeping over a battle field. Check out these hevenly lyrics Now the sun's gone to hell and the moon lights riding high. Let me bid you farewell, everyman has to die. But its written in the starlight and everyline in your palm We are fools to make war on our brothers in arm. Not to argue with you,but that has some heavenly meanings. By the way I agree with your Enya comments. She is one of my wife's favorites. rtstuff Marshall University, 1971
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