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  1. Hey guys it has been a week or so since I have been around. I have been real busy with this new curriculum that I am involved with at my high school. I have also been involved with my high school reunion committee class of 1967. Man I'm getting old. Also my little dog got gimped up a little bit this past weekend and I've been worried about him. I believe he has a little arthritis in one hip and sometimes he gets to running so hard he dings it up a little. With my wife doctoring him and me spoiling an already spoiled dog he is coming along pretty well. Now my wife's hip is acting up wh
  2. 1.Monster Hop. Bert Convy, the same guy that would make a name for himself hosting tv game shows and he also did a quite of bit of acting on tv series shows. My friend had an old 45 recording of this and we use to dress up and he would play the Monster Hop as we gave out goodies to the kids. This was about 30 years ago. 2. Ms. Ghost. Don Henley. This has quite interesting lyrics that are somewhat suggestive and somewhat erotic. rtstuff
  3. rtstuff

    My Ding-a-Ling

    In my classroom at school I put on the board every day something of importance that happened on that day in rock history. It was this week that Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a ling" hit number one on the US charts. I believe it was 1973. Another interesting point about this song was that it was Chuck's only number one song in the US. I thought sure "Johnny B. Goode" would have reached number one. rtstuff
  4. 1. What is Life. George Harrison This song was playing in 1970 when I was bending over for my Army Draft physical. I would like to forget that moment. 2. The Joker. Steve Miller Band. "Some people call me the space cowboy some people call me the gangster of love." Steve Miller. rtstuff
  5. Hey OLD 55 you are right about Crime Story. I remember that now. By the way Denis Farina was hillarious in the movie "Another Stakeout" with Richard Dreyfus and Emilio Estavez. The scene where he is eating that icecream desert at the dinner table and gets a brain freeze with Rosie O'Donnell looking on is a gut buster. Every time I see that scene I just howl. rtstuff
  6. Thanks Ken. I enjoyed your post. Well I came home and looked for the bottle and guess what? My wife took the blackberry wine and made a blackberry cake with blackberry glaze. You know what? That worked out pretty darn good. Yum Yum! rtstuff smiling in Huntington, West Virginia.
  7. Oops sorry about the double post. I just had a glass of blackberry wine. rtstuff
  8. I here that next month all of Elvis' appearances on the Ed Sullivan show will be available in a DVD box set. Plus Ed's other acts will be on the DVD's. There you go OLD 55. rtstuff
  9. I here that next month all of Elvis' appearances on the Ed Sullivan show will be available in a DVD box set. Plus Ed's other acts will be on the DVD's. There you go OLD 55. rtstuff
  10. Sorry guys I'm getting confused between the Ultimate list and the regular list. I miss the board a few days and I get "cornfused". I will try to keep everything straight now. I had open house last night at my high school and my wife had an outpatient procedure done so I am a little behind. Here goes my list. Man I left off some good music. 1. Sounds of Silence. Kind of my anthem in 1967. 2. Paint It Black" My favorite Stones hit. Used as musical score to a "Tour Of Duty" tv series. I thought that show was well done about Viet Nam. Unfortunately the critics didn't like it. I thin
  11. Well I went to the Marshall game last night with all of the Hollwood hoopla. Just a beautiful night. It was about 70 degrees at about 10 pm. The Clydesdales were very impressive. My wife Janet and I were standing right next to them. Man what beautiful and majestic creatures. McConughey and the Warner Brothers crew walked with the team over to the stadium. They passed right next to us. Everything was wonderful except for the game outcome. My team got beat 23 to 22 on a last second field goal. I felt as though my heart had been ripped out and stomped on to say the least. Ok here
  12. One of my favorite bands. I have seen them twice in concert. My favorites. God Only Knows Caroline Sloop John B. Which I once tried to sing to 9th grade science class complete with beach hat and sunglasses. 409 I Get Around Heroes and Villians Wendy In My Room rtstuff
  13. On Wed night at 7:30 on ESPN 2 Marshall is going to play Central Florida from Joan C. Edwards stadium in Huntington, West Virginia. Matthew McConughey is going to be there along with the director McG and a number of Warner Brothers brass. I am sure that they will be shown and perhaps interviewed by the ESPN crew. I am really excited about this game and the events surrounding the movie. There is going to be a walk to the stadium about two hours before game time with the team and the Budweiser Clydsdale horses and the wagon. This is the same rig that is shown during the Christmas season
  14. I hope these already haven't been tried, but I'm going with Time In A Bottle.. the late Jim Croce. Billy Joe Royal. Mary Hill(from Cherry Hill Park) rtstuff "All the girls criticized her, all the boys idolized her" Billy Joe Royal
  15. Hey guys and gals I'm back in circulation. I have been real busy getting back in the groove as a high school Biology teacher. I have also been consumed with college football especially my beloved "Thundering Herd" of Marshall. I have cut back on my evening computer time due to rise and shine at 5:15 am every morning has necessitated my lights out at 9:30 pm. Any who I'm back and ready to vote. 1. American Pie A true rock anthem 2. Hey Jude. My second favorite Beatles tune behind only "Let It Be" 3. Satisfaction Mick and the boys do it right. My second favorite Stones hit behin
  16. Thanks Ken. I can impress my friends tomorrow. rtstuff
  17. If you missed my post below check the trailer out for the Warner's Brothers movie "We Are Marshall". Those were important events that occurred in my life back in 1970. rtstuff
  18. I have been thinking about going to see the movie "Invincible". Since you are a Philly guy I thought perhaps you have seen the movie and could give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. I remember when that guy was playing for the Eagles. Did he ever play anywhere else besides on special teams. He played at a time that I was a big "Redskins" fan. I remember the Eagles and Skins you use to have some classic battles back then. rtstuff
  19. I think there is a rock song with the word "Katmandu" in the lyrics. I think it may be a Bob Seger song, but not quite sure. I was talking with some co-workers today about this. Can someone help me out with an answer? Thanks rtstuff
  20. The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" One of the most innovative albums of all times. Bryan Wilson displays his talents. This album influenced many other groups including, yes, The Beatles. rtstuff A son of Marshall U. 1971
  21. in my hometown of Huntingto, WV. My wife, my mum and I had a great time at the 2 hour and 45 minute performance. The top ten finishers all participated. They came out in the order that they were voted off the show. Mandisa kicked off the evening. Taylor and Chris by far were the best entertainers. I really enjoyed Chris' rendention of Bon Jovi's "I'm A Cowboy". I will tell you who has a lot of talent and that is the little gal Lisa. She played the keyboards and did a couple of Elton John songs. The kid is really talented. I also really like Elliot. The kid has a crystal clear v
  22. Imagine John Lennon Fire and Rain James Taylor Like a Rock Bob Seger Amazing Grace Judy Collins Have You Ever Seen The Rain CCR Let It Be The Beatles rtstuff
  23. I live 90 minutes from where the Mothman was suppose to have landed, Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I think I was about a 7th or 8th grader when all of that stuff was going on. There is a large sculpture at Point Pleasant of what the moth man was suppose to look like. I think the final explanation was that it was a California Condor that got lost on its migratory path. It took up refuge in an area that during WWII was an ammunition plant. Since the war it was turned into a bird sanctuary area. There are also a lot of small ponds in the area that I have fished. By the way in the movi
  24. Party at Darryl's!!! Wow cool man. Let's see OLD 55 will supply the Elvis and other Rock-a-Billy hits, RonJon you bring the surf music, and I will tag along with Fosters. Uncle Joe can bring the Philly sound and our British folks can supply the British invasion sound. Sweet Jane can throw in a little Janis and the rest of the Factors can party down. Man this sound awesome. rtstuff Brisbane would never be the same after the Factors hit the beaches.
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