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  1. Ok, good. I was starting to worry. I sent her a PM and got no response. I hope she's alright.
  2. Thanks, Lucky. Nice to be back. As for the previous post, yes, I threw in a few more-popluar numbers, to keep the playlist more indicative of what it was like listening to top 40 radio back in the day. However, I avoided a lot of the Tainted Love, Our Lips Are Sealed- type songs that are still played over and over again on oldies and 80's stations. While I have a few 'common' songs on the playlist, the affect I was going for is for the listener to say to themselves, "Oh man. I remember this song", or, "Oh, I used to like this song and haven't heard it for years". For anyone who's given it a chance, I hope you're enjoying it.
  3. Looking at your age, it seems there won't be as single song on the playlist that wasn't released before you were born. Geez, I feel old.
  4. Hi all. I wanted to tell you about a new internet radio station (or "playlist") that I've developed over at Imeem. As a 1982 high school graduate, I spent many a day from 8th grade through senior year, listening to the Casey Kasem countdowns. I think I knew the words to every song on the radio. Anyway, many of the songs from that era made a one or two week appearence in the Top 40 and disappeared into oblivion. Others made nice chart runs, but are rarely heard on oldies or 80's stations these days. That's why I developed my playlist. There are about 240 songs on it right now (and I'm adding more every day). Take a peak and give it a listen. I'm sure it'll jog your memory some (maybe in a bad way, LOL). Enjoy and feel free to comment. http://www.imeem.com/people/B-AaTI/playlist/uXrGk1MS/bottom_of_the_top_40_7882_music_playlist/ Also, does Peaches still post here?
  5. edna, hopefully you can pick it up in your office, again.
  6. Nothing? Welp, there goes my idea about persuading him with your womanly charms.
  7. Your work filter won't let you listen, huh? That may be one of the bad things about the new station format. That really sucks. Maybe you can give the link to my station to your IT-guy at work. If he likes 80's music, maybe he'll unblock it.
  8. Hi, Peaches. Yeah, Lala experienced some technical difficulties and my station would no longer work. The good news is, I am back up and running. There is an entirely new layout and a lot less programming restrictions for me. Have a listen and enjoy! http://www.lala.com/frontend/action/playlist?playlistToken=8489P112
  9. Much appreciated, edna. I've added about a hundred more songs to today's playlist. Tune in, if you get a chance.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. I'm sure a lot of people never even heard that song. I'm finding out the difficulty of programming a station. I'm trying not to program all the familiar stuff that you can hear everyday on any 80's station, but, at the same time, if I get too obscure, people might be inclined to turn it off. It' definitely a balance.
  11. That's a possibility. Plastic Bertrand was the artist.
  12. Oh, do it, do it! You are one of my biggest fans! I appreciate it. Also, have you added any cds to your have-list over at Lala?
  13. I am within inches of becoming a top twelve station on the Lala website. That would mean having my station put on their front radio-page. If anyone gets a chance to tune in today, it would be greatly appreciated, since listening hours go a long way in determine station rank. As alway, comments are welcomed.
  14. Can you imagine how he would act if he had a hit song or album in the last fifteen years?
  15. He could be your son! (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  16. Some mornings, judging by the stiffness in my back, I feel it. }
  17. I was just joking. If you look, the member who said they were listening to Daughtry, is, in fact, sixteen.
  18. If the station was down, it was because I was updating the playlist. It should be fine, now. Enjoy! (also, if there's somethjing you want to hear, post it here and I'll try to get it on for ya)
  19. I'm glad you are enjoying it, peaches. Hopefully, edna will be able to listen, as well.
  20. Is it a male or female singer? Also, what is the genre? Dance, rock, pop, ect.
  21. Hello, gang. I posted this on one of the other forums, as well. If anyone's interested, i have my own internet station. Here's the link: http://www.lala.com/frontend/action/whoda dj?userTo... It is mostly upbeat 80's music, although it's not your common mix you hear on most 80's stations. You will hear a lot of songs you haven't heard in years, and even some great lost songs that you may never have heard at all. I hope you enjoy it. Comments/criticizms are welcomed. Enjoy.
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