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  1. That and your eyes. I got blinded by the Kaleidoscope.
  2. Unless the song has product placement, I can't imagine it being that bad.
  3. Don't be ashamed. Five seconds of the "Rebel, rebel" video, and I was pretty much done with David Bowie.
  4. I still remember mine. Gidget Wafflechunks.
  5. If I had an avatar, it would probably be "Women flock to me like deer to a salt lick."
  6. American Idiot- Green Day Fett's Vette- MC Chris Farmhouse- Phish La Gasolina- Daddy Yankee Freestyle Chinese Rap- Cky If you own the Washingotn Redskins, you're a c***- Atom and his Package
  7. Make sure to get an album with 'Moving in Stereo'. It has a great synth stab, and it's a kick to play at pool parties!
  8. Turmion Katilot is a Finnish Industrial/ Death Metal band. Now, they are Finnish, so you can't really expect any meaningful Lyrics unless you speak fluent Finnish, and the song titles are a bit typical for Death Metal (The Butcher, Bodies and Flesh). Their website is www.turmionkatilot.com
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