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  1. I thought they were to release a new album this year. Do you know "Church Of The Poison Mind"? I think "Love Is Love" is romantic and beautiful.
  2. "Funky Christmas" by The Whispers.
  3. This band was huge in the 1980's, and became huger 'cause of the lead singer, Boy George. The other day I listened to "I'm Afraid Of Me" and it's got this really sweet reggea-like sound which makes it danceable and very catchy to the ear. The thing is, I'm not really sure what this song's about but I believe it's about being unfaithful to someone you care for and that's why you're afraid to open up to them. Do you know this track by any chance? I really enjoy listening to their music... it's so out of the norm. I just love 'em!
  4. Thanks, Laurie35451. I knew that one. The only thing is, these lyrics are hard to find. I haven't gotten too much about this song. I know of it 'cause mom's got a Dance-Disco music LP released in December 1982 and this song's in it. I've always liked --well, I grew up on it-- but I just didn't know a thing about it until now.
  5. I use www.letssingit.com to find a song title using lyrics as well as www.google.com/ncr and it always works.
  6. This is a very catchy and very dancey song I've been listening to since I was a very little kid. I've been searching for its lyrics but no matches found. I get just a few words. Can anyone post the lyrics here, if you happen to know it? This is what I've got: Now I watch that crazy rhythm coming from the streets *** people moving to that Latin beat And they say in Puerto Rico, "Enciénte" Everybody welcome to my own drinks Everybody Salsa [x7] Salsa! Hey, salsa! California's moving, music in the air Everybody's grooving, dancing *** Spirit *** ocassion Fiesta hasta el f
  7. Hey, people. This is Alexious himself. Only I didn't remember my password and the system didn't wanna retrieve it to me... anyway, I think I'm starting getting this song now. See, I used to listen to it when it came out a lot but I didn't speak much English back then but sure it reminds me of those good days when I play it 'cause its melody's just too catchy. So he just wants to keep her though he knows she doesn't want him the way he wants her to want him. I started to think "When It's Over" goes the same way, doesn't it? Thank you, guys!
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