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  1. Fres

    another user

    Yes , i also will never forget about the Songfacts , it's so informative and interesting here But i think in this case he forgot and i just wanted to ask if is possible some of the administrators to remind him and write him that someone would like to ask a single music question and that i lost a touch with him Sorry about my english
  2. Fres

    another user

    I did it RonJonSurfer , but it seems that he forgot about the songfacts forum and doesn't read the topics or visit the site anymore . What a pity ... I just wanted to ask him something about the music
  3. Fres

    another user

    Thank you for your answer . But i can't see where to send private message
  4. Hello , i would like to know how i can contact another member here on message boards ? ( not by Private topic and there is no e-mail ). I have a friend here , but it seems that he completely forgot about the Songfacts . Is it possible administrator to send him a mail ( he possibly have it)that i would like to contact him ?! It's important Thank you
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