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  1. Wow. I know 252 of the fist 500 and only 62 of the last 543. I don't know too many songs.
  2. So is Herb Albert in there? And a yey for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  3. Well the Twisted Sister song should be up there too. Where can I find the whole list before I start adding songs I think should be up there.
  4. If you could have someones voice who would you pick. My number one choise would be Steve Perry. My second choise would be Joe Walsh.
  5. Since Gene and Freddie are taken I would still like to be Joe Walsh.
  6. Don't think it was really a hit but Bionic Man - The Fabulous Poodles Another good one hit wonder was Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin Just kidding. Zeppelin rocks
  7. Well I only met one slighly famous person. My cousin is going out with I think his name is Rob James. From McMaster and James. My science teacher last year and homeroom teacher this year also does security. He gets to meet every band that comes to summerfest and other events here in Winnipeg and other places. His wife got to drive The Beach Boys to the air port. He has had tons of people go to his house and get to talk to them. I envy that job.
  8. I don't think there is one song on there I hate. Alot I haven't heard. I am confused. I just seen "269 :: The Who :: We're Not Gonna Take It" I though that Twisted Sister did that not The Who. But most of these songs are kick ass!
  9. I though Marylin Manson was scarry. Mayhem is just disturbing. What years did the sing in? Did they actually have a hit? Or did only scarry satanic people listen to them?
  10. Oldest currently that I like. La Bamba.
  11. Hey usernameddr, you might not think The Stones are the best band ever. I don't really either, I like them and they are a great rock band. Maybe their music sounds a bit too much like the 60's for me. But I still admire their music. Even though you don't think they are the best some people think that and you have to respect their opinions. And same goes for all the people yelling at this guy. Well I think he is a guy. The Stones deffinatly had a great impact on rock. I personally don't think they are the best. I don't think anyone can really be called the best. The Beetles had a bigger impact then The Stones. But I wouldn't really call them rock. I like alot of bands better then The Stones and I can tell you do too. But they are still rock and they were great. I do too think they are a little overrated in saying they are the greatest because no one can really be called the greatest. But they were one of the best rock band whether you like it or not. That is just how people feel. And if you don't like thier music thats your opinion.
  12. Searching the site I found this, (I found the comment by Joe Walsh quite funny) "Walsh: "In The City" was written for the movie The Warriors. A friend of mine named Barry DeVorzon (he produced The Association) was in charge of the music for the film and asked me to come up with something. I went to junior-high school at P.S. 216 in Queens (NYC). I was in a gang, but we weren't that tough because I had to be in by 7:30 to practice clarinet. Anyway, I came up with "In The City" out of memories of growing up partly in New York City, which contrasted a lot from where I lived before that, which was Ohio." (thanks, Vincent - Minneapolis, MN)" It says that was in 1979. It says on here also Life's Been Good was sang in 1978. So this was after he sang Life's Been Good. So he sang Life's Been Good in Juniour High? And Hotel California was sung in 1976 and that is when Joe Walsh joined The Eagles. So when Joe Walsh was in elementary school even when he was caught up in school being in about grade 6 he played with The Eagles in Hotel California? I am a bit lost.
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