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  1. I read on here that they were going to be touring together but on ticketmaster.com it only has 2 listings under Aerosmith/Cheap Trick. Neither were the Alerus center so I searched Aerosmith and it had it and it was for the Alureus center. But will Cheap Trick be there? Also are Cheap Trick american?
  2. Mine would have to be You Better You Bet.
  3. I am in Canada. Would it be worth it to go catch a flight and see them in the US without Keith Moon or is it not worth it to see them live?
  4. I went to a Journey concert in Grand Forks, ND this year with Steve Augeri singing. I thought it was pretty close to Steve Perry. I listened to Any Way You Want It (Live) off an album that is labeled as Capture. I don't know if that is right but anyway... That said it was recorded in 1981 which means Steve Perry would have been singing. But that didn't sound like Steve Perry. I listened to Lights and that sounded like him. It didn't sound like his recorded voice but it sounded good. Then I listened to Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' and you can tell it is Steve Perry. And Steve Perrys voice is better of his recorded and edited albums but live I think Steve Augeri's voice live is closer to Steve Perry's recorded and edited voice then Steve Perry's own live vocie is.
  5. Sounds interesting. But for registering, what is teh difference between the left and right colom other than price and how long is Quick Access for? Add: Found the free thing on it. US; Cream - Prince and the New Power Generation UK; Dizzy - Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff Never heard either of these. And Feb 31st 1980 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
  6. Personally I like Aerosmiths Mama Kin but alot of people like the GnR version.
  7. Ahh... I didn't see that part. I guess I shouldn't post when I am tired and doing homework.
  8. Marylin Manson. I don't know if that is how you spell it. Edit: Sorry I guess I didn't read it close enough. Marylin Manson is the band that got famous before playing any songs. I don't know who sang a song about Marylin Manson though. Could you give a few lyrics?
  9. I think Emo Phillips is the only Emo I like. It used to just be about the music genre but then it turned into a sterotype of people who listen to the music too. A few girls were watching 'Emo' videos in computer class and it was just showing pictures and then it shows all these kids tring to be 'cool' and depressed. Then it shows The Rocky Picture Horror Show and then says Transvistite. I was so pissed that , that movie was mentioned in that video I unplugged the moniter and computer from power and threw the cords ahlf way across the room. Seriously. I was extremely pissed with that emo crap already. Then I looked at one girl in my class' site. And it said this is for the 'hard core emo fan' and all it was was pics of guys kissing guys. I did a wikipedia about it and I usggest you to do the same. I still don't see why it had The Rocky Horror Picture show in there but I am still pisses about it and what the word means now. If it was just about the music that is one thing but this crap has went too far. Call your depression, guys kissing, guys wearing odd make up (Not cool like Kiss or Twiseted Sister ) and pathetic attemps of making yourself look 'cool' something else. Also once the comptuer came back to plug in her moniter and computer because she didn't know how to she watched the video from where it left off and at the end it said I like tacos. Now they are bringing Mexican food into it. Also the unplugging was also because I was sick of this emo crap and not just having that movie in there. Add: "But moooooooooom, if you don't buy me the emo clothes, nobody will think I'm sad! How can I be happy if nobody thinks I'm sad?" It was snappy, funny, true and mentioned a mom. I believe that is a burn.
  10. I have a few questions. Who did the music for The Rocky Horror Picture Show? I know Cheap Trick did it for That 70's Show but what CD is it on? I also know Ian Hunter wrote Cleveland Rocks but who sings the version on The Drew Carey Show? Where can I buy CDs for all the music on here and what do you guys think of the songs? Edit: Buy where can I get the CDs I mean what CDs are they on.
  11. In band we got new music to try out. One was music from Fantasia. We played it and it got to this part tha sounded famliar. My band director asked if we knew what it was. Then he said it was the song that went Hello Mother, Hello Father. Then one guy in the back yelled out Frank Sinatra. I search and I found lyrics for one by Alan Sherman and it goes Hello Mother, Hello Father, Here I am at, Camp Granada. Is that the origional song and artisit that used that music?
  12. Well I know overrated doesn't mean that they suck or the music is bad but I don't think these should be on. Boston - Maybe I am just ignorant but I have never seen many people praise Boston. I do like Boston alot people I don't really hear people say how great they are. Kiss - I don't think Kiss is overrated. Aerosmith - I do like Aerosmith alot. But again I don't really see any hardcore Aerosmith fans. Or people praising them. Led Zeppelin - Only thing that is wrong with Zeppelin is that when some 12 year old kid hears Stairway to Heaven once and says they are the best song ever. THat is the only time I think they are overrated in situations like that where it is just some dumbass saying that after hearing one song. It is like a person heard The Wall and saying that Pink Floyd kicks ass. Lynyrd Skynyrd - I don't really think Lynyrd Skynyrd is overrated. Unless you are talking to a redneck who says they love it just because they heard Free Bird or Sweet Home Alabama. AC/DC - When I was younger and didn't know anything I seen alot of people with AC/DC bumper stickers. But recently I haven't heard anybody really talking about them now. I think they were overrated before but not anymore. Although Thunderstuck is a great song and one of the only great rock songs from the 90's that I know of. I think it is overrated still. Beach Boys - Alot of people say they are great but I do think they live up to the expectations that I have heard from people. The Rolling Stones are not overrated. They are one of the best rock bands of all time but I hate when someone hears one of their songs or doesn't even heard their songs and just hears they are great and tells everybody how great they are without even knowing any of their songs. I am not critising anyones opinion or statement just saying whats on my mind and sorry if people get offended.
  13. I just want to slap this psot in some bread and eat it.
  14. Excuse my igornace but who is Terrell Owens? Also I think I like Don Henleys songs and lyrics better too but Glen has a better voice. His voice and songs are more countrish. But they are still good and they kick ass and I still think tehy are classic rock. Also I agree Timothy B. Schmitt is an awsome bass player.
  15. I thought I posted this Turning Japanese - The Vapors
  16. Also what would you call them. I think all of their song sung by Glen Frey are more countryish than rock. Song by Henkey are more rock. I don't care for country but I like all The Eagles' songs.
  17. Who is your favourite Eagle? I am counting anyone who was ever in the band. It is a hard one for me, I can't choose between Joe Walsh and Don Henley. I am going to have to say Don Henley then Joe Walsh then Glen Frey.
  18. I think this is my favourite Turning Japanese - The Vapors
  19. Nicknameless


    On Wednesday November 30th, I went down to the US to Grand Forks (Usual trip) to see Journey. I live in Winnipeg. Enterance was poor. You could see them walk on the dark stage but then you see 2 guys run on and attatch a few more wires and run around a bit. Then the lights come on and I look to my left and I see people standing out from their seats and cheering and it looked like a really good photo. They opened with Be Good To Yourself then went on to ask the lonely. Then they talked a bit. I wasn't very impress on the intoduction on the people as it was scattered and hard to follow. There were 5 people. Also I don't know what other people are talking about the new Steve to replace Steve Perry because he couldn't tour was pretty close in sound. Steve Perry was better and I wish he was there but this was pretty close. After those first two songs they played a few off their newer album. I didn't reconise them neither did my dad. We were with older people and had fairly good seats. There were people about 50-60 around us but further down the row there were a few younger people. Two roughly 25 year old girls stood up for a little while then got told to sit down but they tried to argue because the people at the bottom were standing. They sat but later stood up and they got told just to go down to the front if they want to stand so they did. After 3 songs I didn't know they played Wheel in The Sky. The performance on stage wasn't exactly fantastic. Lighting was occasionally blinding and there wasn't alot of moving going on. On the floor there were younger people like teens. They played a few more off their newer album then played Lights. Also in the show I believe that they played Voodoo Child. Then they played quite a bit more that I didn't know. Then at the end they put all the best songs. I can't remember which particular order but I think it was Faithfully, Who's Crying Now, Open Arms, Anyway You Want It, Don't Stop Believing then there was another song after that. Then everybody clapped and stood up then they left came back on like every single concert I have been to or seen except for The Beach Boys. Then they came back and one guy played the harmonica for a while then they moved to their last song. Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' they told everybody to sing most of it. But there was alot of older people and they didn't feel like singing so they still did sing about 95% of it. Overall it was a good show. What I didn't like was thet through the middle of the show they ahd tons of song I haven't heard neither had my dad and was very dry and almost boaring. But of cousrse it wasn't. It was a good show but they didn't have the best performance on stage, they should have mixed a few more older songs with the newer songs, and the sound quality was pretty bad. They had it too loud and was distorting and vocals were getting overthrown too much by the guitars. Overall I think it was good and worth it for the money. Even if I did get only 4:30 hours of sleep before school.
  20. I seen a Queen tribute band. Very well done.
  21. Is this it? I told you ’bout living in the u.s. of a. Don’t you know that I’m a gangster of love Let me tell you people that I found a new way And I’m tired of all this talk about love And the same old story with a new set of words About the good and the bad and the poor And the times keep on changin’ So I’m keepin’ on top Of every fat cat who walks through my door I’m a space cowboy Bet you weren’t ready for that I’m a space cowboy I’m sure you know where it’s at Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I was born on this rock And I’ve been travelin’ through space Since the moment I first realized What all you fast talkin’ cats would do if you could You know, I’m ready for the final surprise There ain’t no way around it Ain’t nothing to say That’s gonna satisfy my soul deep inside All the prayers and surveyors Keep the whole place uptight While it keeps on gettin’ darker outside I’m a space cowboy Bet you weren’t ready for that I’m a space cowboy I’m sure you know where it’s at Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I see the show downs, slow downs, lost and found, turn arounds The boys in the military shirts I keep my eyes on the prize, on the long fallen skies And I don’t let my friends get hurt All you back room schemers, small trip dreamers Better find something new to say Cause you’re the same old story It’s the same old crime And you got some heavy dues to pay I’m a space cowboy Bet you weren’t ready for that I’m a space cowboy I’m sure you know where it’s at Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
  22. Well I probably know more just don't know the name of the song and artist so I can't tell if I know the name or artist on the list. I normally would get to here more 60's and 70's tommorrow as I am going to the US for a concert but unfortunatly the station all the Canadians listen to that is full of 60's and 70's music changed to country.
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