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  1. I ahve always wondered if Kiss would have done better playing alot more ballads like Beth throught their carrear. I love the other songs they made but I always wondering what that would have been like. What have you wondered?

  2. If you need someone to fit a specific role of a character and you are fired because you don't fit it that shouldn't be discrimination. If it is I am going to every film audition and if I don't get in I will sue because I was appearently not funny enough to fit the role. They are discriminating my personality please help me I need 100 million dollars!!!

  3. I disagree to some of these but most of them I 100% agree to. I do happen to like Loverboy, Kiss and ZZ Top.

    One I didn't see anybody mention is green day. What really gets me pissed off is that on lists of top classic rock songs I continusly see Green Day on there. Or when some people at school ar talking and they say they like Classic Rock like green day I fell like punching them in the face. They are not Classic Rock and will never be Classic Rock even in 100 years. I will not let them become Classic Rock.

    Also screw emos and emo music and new punk bands like already mentioned.

    Also there is only one "Christian Rock" song I like and that is Spirit In The Sky.

  4. I was going to try to do somehting like this before but I can't decide. It is too hard. For vocals I am completely clueless. Guitar I would probably have Joe Walsh and Drums either Keith Moon or John Bonham. Do the members have to be alive or from the same era?

  5. Well I am surprised no one has mentioned

    "I am the Walrus" - The Beetles

    "Bionic Man" - The Fabulous Poodles

    "Living in a Box" - Living in a Box

    I higly doubt One Week counts by the Barenaked Ladies but it does have some weird lyrics and I do really like it.

  6. Why is Joe Walsh not at the top of the list?

    "I only got drunk once for 20 years"

    "I was in a gang but we wern't that tough because I had to be in by 7:30 to pratice clairnet."

    Are those not the coolest and funniest things you ever heard?

  7. From Ticketmaster.com

    Tue, 04/11/06

    07:30 PM Aerosmith / Cheap Trick HP Pavilion At San Jose San Jose, CA Find Tickets

    Sat, 04/15/06

    07:30 PM Aerosmith / Cheap Trick Arco Arena Sacramento, CA Find Tickets

    Those are the only ones where it has Cheap Trick listed also. If Cheap Trick isn't there I probably won't go. I can always catch them at Summerfest.

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