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  1. I saw Toby in concert! That song is cooool.
  2. Ah, Jonny enjoys the cynicism also. Good man!
  3. Well, to each their own. One man's genius is another man's knobhead.
  4. Personally I like my 4th of July with a taste of bitter irony. I crank "Born in the USA".
  5. Roger Daltrey was an incredible screamer.
  6. RIP Jim. You made it to the other side, too soon. Thanks for the music, the poetry, and the inspiration. I wouldn't be the same person if I hadn't discovered the Doors.
  7. Will do, MindCrime. Any idea where I can find it? I don't think I've ever heard it in it's entirety, which may be why I had that opinion of it. Pink Floyd albums are meant to be heard from beginning to end.
  8. Ken... what kind of "lines" were you getting from this Tetris game? Ok that was a terrible pun and I apologize.
  9. Very good list, strangely similar to my own.
  10. Good thing for you, your wife isn't a gambler. Or at least, I assume she isn't, as you seem to be in good spirits.
  11. My mom grew up in a Middletown. Literally, that's what the town's name is. And that's what it was.
  12. I agree with Phil. Italy looks like the toughest team to beat to me, and I don't see Germany pulling it off.
  13. I like Yellowcard. I suppose they're considered emo. And Modest Mouse might have a bit of an emo influence. The rest sucks. Really, the only good thing that came out of this new trend is that it makes an incredibly easy target to make fun of.
  14. *Breathes a sigh of relief* I got to see Aerosmith in February, when Lenny Kravitz, someone with talent, opened for them. Boy, I felt lucky just to be at the concert, now I feel even luckier that I didn't have to see the travesty that is Motley Crue.
  15. "Give Peace A Chance" by John Lennon. By far the best thing that came out of anything any of the Beatles did after the breakup.
  16. Darn, you had a rebuttal to my insult before I could even use it.
  17. 1967- "Light My Fire"- The Doors
  18. Who is better? I prefer Iron Maiden.
  19. Unless of course he has been watching the Public Broadcasting Station for the Mentally Challenged.
  20. Looks like you're quite the Hendrix fan, Batman. If you ever get the chance to come out here to the great northwest, you should really check out the Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle. Actually, if anyone on Songfacts comes out here, they should check it out. It's my favorite attraction in Seattle. And then, if you're nerdy like me, you can check out the Sci-Fi Museum which is right under it!
  21. I'd rather not, but thanks for the suggestion.
  22. Well they were a Zeppelin ripoff, but they were a darn good Zeppelin ripoff! That is until they got all caught up in the hair metal craze of the 80's. Their 70's stuff rocks, 80's stuff sucks.
  23. One down, hundreds of thousands to go...
  24. I say that "Renegade" is a real rock song. "Mr. Roboto" is not.
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