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  1. Das, in response to your first post, I'm not trying to prove that they were a heavy metal or hard rock band, I'm just trying to prove that they were pioneers and innovators of the genre, which is pretty undeniable. Led Zep's first two albums (arguably their hard-rockiest) came out before Black Sabbath's first 2 albums. One could argue that Sabbath was even influenced by Zeppelin. I can't prove that, but it seems impossible that they weren't. I can't find anything about bands being influenced by Zeppelin on the internet, can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. You'd be amazed by how many people in my English class (high school seniors and AP students)didn't know what band "John, Paul, George, and Ringo" were from. Most of them only recognized it because of Ringo.
  3. Come on, Bonham's half-time shuffle is absolutely incredible on that song.
  4. Ok, here's the story. I get to do a 5 minute oral presentation on someone I consider to be an "Artist" based on the standard definitions. I chose Led Zeppelin (I wanted to the Beatles, but I let my friend do them because I'm nice). Here's what I need help on: 1. I need to prove that they were "innovative." The obvious answer is that they pretty much created/popularized "hard rock" and "heavy metal". I have some proof from a "Columbia University Press" encylopedia entry stating as such, but I need more. Does anyone have a legitimate source (book or credible website) with an article attesting to that? 2. I need to prove that they were influential. This kind of goes with the above, but I was hoping someone would have quotes from a band or artist saying that Zep influenced. I found something stating that Deep Purple turned to hard rock after hearing Zeppelin and they hired their singer (Ian Gillian, I think) because he reminded them of Robert Plant. 3. I need to prove a kind of technical innovation. I'm pretty sure they did all kinds of stuff with recording and guitar feedback. Can I use things like Jimmy Page using a bow to play guitar? Does anyone have solid facts? 4. Can I use songfacts as a source? I need to prove to my teacher that all my sources are 100% credible and legitimate. Thanks guys
  5. I don't think the relative mediocrity of Presence and ITTOD had to do with a lack of effort or creativity, but was more caused by drugs. If John Bonham had lived and the band had gotten some help with their drug problems, who knows how great they could have been.
  6. Piece of S**t Car - Adam Sandler
  7. Robert Plant on "Misty Mountain Hop" Baby, Baby, Baby, do you like it???
  8. I heard "Memory Motel" by the Stones on the radio the other day. I thought it went on for way too long.
  9. The last verse of Suite:Judy Blue Eyes is in Spanish.
  10. Band 1: Vocals - Jim Morrison Guitar - Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton Bass - Paul McCartney Drums - Neil Peart Band 2: Vocals - Ronnie Van Zant Guitar - Jimmy Page and Dickey Betts Bass - Geezer Butler Drums - John Bonham
  11. I've been listening to "Revolver" a lot and I've fallen in love with "For No One". What a great song.
  12. Brian Johnson on AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock....."
  13. There was a topic just like this a few weeks ago. Search.
  14. John Bonham should be on there instead of Keith Moon. He was a better, more influential drummer in a better, more influential band. The Who even continued to play when Moon died, Zeppelin stopped the day of Bonham's death.
  15. (continued from Phil Collins' musical topic) As if I needed another reason to hate Scott Stapp...
  16. The End - The Doors People love irony.
  17. As if I needed another reason to hate Phil Collins.
  18. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who
  19. Let it Be - The Beatles Foreplay/Long Time - Boston Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
  20. Just continuing the Beatles lists These are songs that nobody really talks about. I'd have to say: Don't Pass Me By Dig a Pony I'm So Tired Hold Me Tight Wait
  21. Billy Idol in The Wedding Singer.
  22. My second favorite show of all time (only to Seinfeld) was in all likelihood, finished tonight. Fox aired the final 4 episodes. In a few months I plan on buying all 3 seaons of DVD and watching them continuously. R.I.P. Arrested Development 2003-2006 I'm going to go cry now.
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