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  1. I despise Celine Dion. Like, ridiculously. I hate her. A lot.
  2. I guess that's a nearly acceptable answer.
  3. They're stupid because they don't really make much sense. Nobody in their right mind would say the Beatles aren't great, so what would be so 'offensive' about someone liking their albums so much? Same with Thorogood. I've never seen GT&TD made fun of or described as a particularly cheesy band. Everything else describes something that's obviously dumb, ironic or tacky. These just don't add up the same way.
  4. These two are stupid: Their Top 5 all time favourite albums (in order) are Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Abbey Road, The White Album, and then I guess it's a tie between Rubber Soul, Please Please Me, Let It Be, A Hard Day's Night, and Help! Out of millions and millions of bands out there, their favourite band is George Thorogood and the Destroyers.
  5. Are you a prog-rock robot? One of those guys who thinks Yes music is good because every song is 20 minutes long and you think you're smarter than everyone else? I hope not.
  6. I agree with you on the Dead. They're very very overrated. But Zeppelin? The most important rock group not named the Beatles? You grouped them with a bunch of decent-to-very-good acts (actually Nickelback sucks). Zep is not in that league at all. When it comes to hard rock, there is Zeppelin and there is everyone else, doing their own Zep impressions and being pretty mediocre at it.
  7. Mountain: http://www.answers.com/topic/mountain-rock-band?method=22
  8. Anything with whiny or screaming vocals and a ridiculous badboy image.
  9. The Pete Towshend Story starring Michael Jackson
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphrodite%27s_Child
  11. Best album of the 90's = Red Hot Chili Peppers "Californication"
  12. Noel Redding from the Jimi Hendrix Experience because he didn't really add anything. Same for Charlie Watts for the Rolling Stones.
  13. What's wrong with "Alive"? That song should be ranked with all the great classic rock songs. It's a real masterpiece: great vocals and a terrific guitar solo at the end.
  14. When I was 13 and I went to the rock and roll hall of fame. I was never into music until I heard "Purple Haze." Thank you Jimi.
  15. It's probably a reference to American basketball player, Charles Barkley. Just clarifying.
  16. Yeah, it's a shame his comedies started to suck. And then he went through his "The guy who was Operaman is now in serious melodramas" phase.
  17. Sorry, what little of that I have is going to
  18. I better get that A first. Uh, I'll tell everyone in my class that songfacts.com is really great and they should all visit it a lot.
  19. Ok, I found the sheet with the 6 criteria needed for the presentation. 1. Intro to artist Easy. Led Zeppelin was blah blah blah, they're great, blah blah blah. 2. Show the value of the artist I think this is where the "influence on other musicians" comes in. 3. Help us understand artist I guess I would give background and explain about some of the lyrics. For example, they have the extensive blues influence, the blues covers, the Satanism B.S., and folky stuff 4. explain the art of making it (the art) I think I give the information about recording techniques and maybe their influences on live concerts (a book I have claims that they were one of the first bands to have very long concerts, like 3 hours without a break, is that true?) 5. Themes of artist Folk, mysticism, JRR Tolkien, drugs, blues, young girls......anything else? 6. explain who artist is timeless, universal, original, evokes a response Timeless: one of the top selling artists ever, dominate classic rock radio Universal: uhh, I don't know exactly. I guess they're popular everywhere? Original: I'll fail to mention all the lyrics and things they ripped off. I think this goes back to the "value of the artist" thing Evokes a response: ?
  20. Here are some good ones I found: "One of the things we picked up from Zep in the 70's is they would play the same notes on guitar and bass and follow it, they play all these lines together like leads together, which made for heavy." - Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, on Zeppelin, Egos and Icons. "A lot of it stems from my early involvement with things like Jimmy Page, the energy side of his playing. In the past, that type of playing was always frowned upon in the group. It was a joke - Boris and I would be doing Zepplin covers at the sound check, and we'd stop when everyone else showed up. But actually, we used to do Zeppelin covers like `In My Time of Dying' in the very early days." - Porl Thompson, ex-The Cure guitarist, in the September 1992 issue of _Guitar_Player_. "I steal from Jimmy Page all the time. You're too conservative. Go back and listen, you'll hear I steal from him." - Tori Amos, in _The_San_Francisco_Examiner_, 3/9/94.
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