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  1. True. I just hate when you ask someone what they listen to and they give you some pretensious dissertation on some band you've never heard of. And of course they know you don't know the band, and that's why they feel so cool.
  2. Freak on a Leash - Korn (the song is terrible though)
  3. I think Led Zeppelin is post-acid neo-white-blues-rock.
  4. That just sounds like rock. Whatever you want to call it, it's really cool. I'm listening to the songs on that myspace and enjoying it very much.
  5. Just another reason why Phil Collins sucks.
  6. My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.
  7. Hero - Mariah Carey My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
  8. How can electronic music have emotion? It's not organic. Machines can't feel the music. They can't improvise. They can't make mistakes and they can't enjoy a good performance. I was talking about drum machines to some extent, but there's also something called triggering where you hook up electronics to your drums and they produce sounds/notes that you want. You can make it so that 1 stroke = 4 strokes or some BS like that.
  9. Playing a guitar is completely different from using synths or other computer controlled instruments. Despite your claims, any idiot can program music to be at least listenable. Just like the brilliant hip producers (they make DA BEATZ) electronics guys are meaningless to me. As a drummer, I vomit when I hear about guys who trigger their sets. Same goes for anyone with a heavy reliance on machines to play their music for them. It doesn't impress me if it's not real.
  10. He had to be the singer of King Harvest too.
  11. That quote just confirms that Roger Waters isn't very bright.
  12. 1 of my top 10 albums of all time.
  13. Fortune Faded - Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm a Criminal - Paul Reddick and the Sidemen
  14. People always think "Stuck in the MIiddle With You" is by Bob Dylan.
  15. That's more like it, buddy. That post is actually coherent.
  16. Well you've convinced me. I usually listen to arguments with absolutely no explanation, poor spelling, poor grammar, and no real point.
  17. If you want to laugh at people....Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. John Paul Jones specifically wrote the riff as something you couldn't dance to. The timing is crazy (I'm terrible at times signatures) and even though the drums are in 4/4, it's ridiculously difficult to get your timing right.
  18. The second side of Abbey Road
  19. Is "Hero" by Mariah Carey the worst song ever? I say YES! A big, resounding YES! It's just awful. It's the sappiest crap ever recorded. The lyrics are at 4th grade level. The melody is like one huge cliche. I just remembered how much I hate this awful song and people who think that it's touching and should be played for actual heroes. If I was a police officer who saved someone's life and they played me this song as a tribute, I'd probably kill them.
  20. Little Sister must die! Drum machines are the bane of my existence! /drummer
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