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  1. In the soda shop in Grease, the waitress goes to switch off the lightswitch with her elbow and misses by a good six inches and yet, the light still goes off.
  2. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack Grease Soundtrack Trainspotting (like where 'Perfect Day' is used) Amelie soundtrack (it's all instrumental but, i bought it and actually listen to it!!)
  3. And 'The Great Escape', i'm always glued to that one
  4. Hi! I'm in absolute, complete agreement with you on that one Laurie. I also love the intro to 'On the border' by the Eagles, it took me ages to get the 'clap' right but, I'm a pro at it now. Ohh, and 'One of these nights', love the bass on that one. For a song with a softer piano intro, I really can't go past 'A day in the life' by the Beatles. And you can't beat that crazy "only for the dogs pitch" at the end either
  5. Thanks TP, just feeding my frankenstein
  6. I have not attended many concerts but, here's a list of the ones I have:- The Eagles- and it is my favourite concert to date. Was responsible for my Don Henley and Farewell 1 dvd obsession too Joe Walsh is a fantastic guitarist and entertainer. The Offspring - I really quite enjoyed this, especially when they beat up mannequins representing the Backstreet Boys. Good ole Noodles Matchbox 20 - I really enjoyed this concert, Rob Thomas has a very 'smooth' voice. LOL Live - I can't remember much from this concert but, enjoyed 'I alone' and 'lightening crashes'. AC/DC stiff upper lip tour - Not as good as with lead singer Bon, I would imagine but, still a good concert none the less Crusty Demons of Dirt - saw this twice even though it's not classed as a concert persay, it still had great music (Papa Roach, Dragula etc). My three passions:- music, hot men and motorbikes were incorporated for this spectacular and I was in heaven, especially when Brian Deegan emerged Alice Cooper - I love, love, loved this concert!! I think it's great how his daughter was a part of the concert (family oriented ) and he sounds great live too. It was in a pretty small concert hall so we were very close to the action. Alas, I had no 'blood' spatter on me and I've only seen a Beatles coverband x 2 and an Eagles coverband twice. And that is that.....so far
  7. Bella

    The Bangles

    Great concert review Katie-ga!!
  8. Anyone lucky enough to be going to any of the concerts?!
  9. No but, my lips are better than poison
  10. I think these songs have great intro's 'Hey Tonight' by CCR 'Rebel Rebel' by David Bowie The HFO (Hell Freezes Over) version of Hotel California (is fabulous too Laurie35451) 'Those Shoes' by The Eagles
  11. Well, as you know, I do so love Don Henley. I think I will stick around!! Thanks darl. Have fun at the Bangles concert tonight!! Anyway, sorry for getting off topic. I really liked the KISS album review.
  12. Ok KISS album reviews, KISS album reviews, KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews,KISS album reviews etc etc Guess who baby?!?!? I finally got off my a$$ and logged on.
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