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  1. John was a real inspiration - Thanks for the fantastic music over the years. If only he had been able to live out his natural life }
  2. I may not ever drink again At least not til next weekend ~The Offspring~
  3. Yes indeedy!! Through Songfacts - in fact!! Yay SF.
  4. LOL Kitta!! But of course!! I'm also mighty fond of Joe - any guy that can make me laugh is alright in my books. Glenn is my third choice
  5. I agree with you on that one Foxy. Don Henley rocks (my socks)
  6. Pet Shop Boys although I can't clearly see what the 'shop' is actually selling Blondie - the blonde chick blowing bubble gum?!
  7. REO speed wagon LOL. Well, what's the white stuff in the rose vases?! Only kidding
  8. Blur, Grinspoon (but, the spoon doesn't look like it's grinning)
  9. Matchbox 20, The Eagles, Rob Zombie, Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, I know you can get Black Sabbath flags. Wow, what a great concept!
  10. Sheryl Crow (when she was a back up singer for Don Henley)
  11. I really love the song 'Cryin' as it is done in the movie 'Mullholland Drive'. I think it's 'Jorlando'and sung in spanish(?) but, it's just beautiful.
  12. For a female's voice I would prolly chose Carole King For a man's (this is gonna be no suprise) I'd choose Don Henley
  13. I only share my music tastes with my dad, he introduced/influenced me in my music tastes. I really love The Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and that sort of rock. My siblings think that my musical choices are somewhat 'dorky' but, I know better
  14. Oh it's DEFINATELY worth it!! We watch ours on a daily basis, it's that good.
  15. Impressive littlel30!! Have you watched Joe on Farewell 1 dvd?! I love him in ''All she wants to do is dance". He's dancing around like a nut and mouthing the words right in front of the camera. He also mimicks Henley by saying "Whose guitar is this?" someone else says "it's yours" and he goes "oh, it is?" But by far the funniest bit is during the credits:- Joe is talking with Glenn and he says "Me and Irving (manager) lived this car for a while and, *laughs* and then Danny Fogelberg moved in and it got pretty crowded" and Glenn's just p*ssing himself going "You lived in a car?" I still really love HFO though!!
  16. Ohhh, I'm shaking in these boots that were made for walkin'. You're alright jr. P.S. Please don't tell Katie, she'll spank me
  17. okay, if you say so Chief. *holds finger up to temple and circles* LOL
  18. Bella

    The Bangles

    YEAH! And John Farnham is touring with Stevie! I'd prefer it were Don So, wanna hook up and go?!
  19. JR!! Are you having a dig at me?!? LOL. Although I really do love the Fleetwood Mac-aroni, my av is actually Don Henley!!! The sexiest eagle alive....... (I can see the Lindsay/Don resemblance though...).
  20. yeah, it's funny in a rich woman's world
  21. And another thing that REALLY annoys me in movies is when someone is playing an instrument and you can tell that they're not playing it. Like the violin, sax or trumpet when their fingers don't change at the same time as the notes change. Being a violinist, this really annoys me.
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