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  1. The likes of Meatloaf's 'I would do anything for love' or 'Paradise by the dashboard light' seem to go forever. Heck I love the songs but, even the song TITLES seem really long!!

    Also to once again praise my fav band ever :P , I think Hotel California is just the perfect length.

  2. Don't you love it when you get to see a different side of fella's Foxy?! I always find it hard to believe when 'macho' guys are affectionate. Sounds very passionate.

    I've had a few volatile relationships but, I don't often argue. However, when i do, i love the making up bit :)

  3. Softly, Deftly,

    Music shall surround you

    Feel it, Hear it

    Closing in around you

    Open up your mind

    Let your fantasies unwind

    In this darkness which you know you can not fight

    The darkness of the music of the night

    Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world

    Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before

    Let your soul take you where you long to be

    Only then can you belong to me

    "The Music of the Night"


    Howdy Angel, where did you hide your wings

    Her love shines over my horizon she's a slice of heaven

    Warm moonlight over my horizon she's a slice of heaven

    Dave Dobbyns 'Slice of Heaven'


    Yeah I miss the old crowd sometimes

    The wild, wild nights of running

    You know, a starving soul can't live like that for long

    You go around in circles that just keep getting smaller

    You wake up one morning and half your life is gone.

    'Everything is different now' Don Henley

  4. I had a boyfriend a few years back who was a real sports nut. He said to me one night 'I like you more than sport'. That was very sweet. I have memories of us at the moto-x with his dog. He came back from the food stand with 3 hamburgers. One for me, one for him and one for the dog :crazy:

    I went on a school exchange to Germany for a month when I was 16. My family ended up coming over afterwards and I remember seeing them all at the airport - I had missed them so much!!

    I also get happy when I receive packages in the mail....thanks Katie!!

    My most recent happy memory is of the fella I'm involved with. I sent him a message to come over after a night out and his phone battery went dead so he couldn't ring me. He ended up walking a kilometre in the pouring rain to see me and turned up drenched on my front porch and gave me a really passionate kiss.

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