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  1. Those remind me too much of country music. I hate country music! And I don't really like those 'ol' guitar' stuff. The 70's are far enough back for me
  2. iPod's are 'worth it' I guesssss. Depends on the price (of course).
  3. Whats ur' favourite band? And song? I'll look up the song and add it I even have Surfin' USA, by the Beach Boys (I guess tellin' the artist was unnesseary ) on my iPod. I'm runnin' outta music!
  4. Na, Usher and Nelly are 'relatively current' I couldn't find Silver and Gold! I did find Rust Never Sleeps though
  5. How far back are we goin'?! I thought classic was the 70's and 80's; I thought Crosby was the 50's, 60's? Btw, is double posting like this allowed? Edit: Hmm... no wonder I couldn't find any Rust Never Sleeps. I kept puttin' 'Rush' instead of 'Rust'
  6. When I want slow songs, I listen to Chicago But I'll download Rust Never Sleeps and Silver and Gold on my iPod It can hold 5000 songs; it has 300
  7. I'm 14. What do you think? I used to just like classical music (not classic music, CLASSICAL music; Beethoven, Mozart). Year or two ago I was goin' through some of my parents old CD's and seen a Chicago CD. Thats when I began likin' classic rock. Queen was my favourite band until around 10 minutes ago; now it's Pink Floyd Nope, never heard Niel Young. Heard OF him, havn't heard him though. Edit: Wow, 14 posts and havn't got banned! A new record!
  8. Never heard of Rust Never Sleeps. Whose it by? Have ya seen We Will Rock You (the play/opera)?
  9. I have Surfin' USA by them on my iPod. It can hold 5000 songs and I have 300. HELP!
  10. Brian May, from Queen. Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody or These Are The Days Of Our Lives and you will agree.
  11. Mine too Bill Champlin, from Chicago, is good too.
  12. I havn't seen a topic about the Wall on this board, so discuss what you think about this movie based on the album by Pink Floyd. I've never seen it myself; never knew 1 existed O_o
  13. I like ur' avatar, EarthAngel Isn't Kashmir a style of clothing?
  14. Where can I find the full version of Queen at Live Aid, 1985? I've seen Radio Ga Ga. But arn't all the other songs they preformed 'lost'? The tapes are destroyed some how. Only 'private collecters' have them.
  15. Queen has been my favourite band for quite some time now. I'm really gettin' into Pink Floyd right now though. And I always enjoy listenin' to Stairway to Heaven
  16. Ya, he is very good for having one arm But my favourite is Roger Taylor from Queen (NOT Duran Duran).
  17. In the very last few seconds of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, you can here 'skips'. There are 2 of them (I'm pretty sure). It's on my iPod. I don't know how to explain them. Listen to the last 5 seconds of the song very carefully and tell me if you hear them.
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