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  1. *Hands you another dollar* Thanks! Let me add to that list: Play The Game Bohemian Rhapsody (of course) Now I'm Here Good Ol' Fashioned Lover Boy (Ya, been mentioned) We Will Rock You We Are The Champions Another One Bites The Dust (The best one! ) Under Pressure A Kind Of Magic Radio Ga Ga (Second best Queen song, next to Another One Bites the Dust) And every other song by Queen
  2. I looked through all the artists on there and only recognized Black Sabbath O_o
  3. How so? Just the 70's and 80's. Ok, a little 60's Beatles and 2000's Coldplay, but mainly the 70's-80's
  4. Ya 'hair' rock Since everyone had long hair O_o.
  5. Well, I'm guessin' that would be considered Blues (the Moody BLUES) 80's 'rock' plz
  6. Umm... how about listin' some 80's music that arn't listed in my sig.?
  7. Hmm... well, ya mind givin' me some 80's classic rock? (That arn't listed in my sig.)
  8. A lot of the Beatles (I guess). Help, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, Imagine (and a few other by John Lennon), and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds... Enough for me Never the Stones, nor VU, or the 'Stooges'.
  9. I like Pink Floyd, some Led Zeppelin, and some Beatles I don't NEED the Stones, CCR, Stooges, or VU (runs & hides from heart-snatcher).
  10. Ty I'm gonna skip the 60's though.
  11. Ty everyone But how can you hate Queen, Kevin!? Have you HEARD Another One Bites the Dust?! What county is Danville in?
  12. Any of ya know if Pink Floyd made Dark Side of the Moon go along with the Wizard of Oz on purpose? Ooo, just downloaded Imagine sheet music for piano! I've heard of all those Queen ones, Batman. Not the Pink Floyd ones though; just Fearless And that top list you gave, I've only heard of Jimi Hendrix from it.
  13. Well, gonna go. C ya Edit: Well, I guess this was a pretty useless post, eh'?
  14. 8 track? How old are you guys?! 70!?
  15. Who are the Allmans? And whats a leg warmer? Lol @ Laurie, it's not the 70's anymore. MONEY MONEY MONEY
  16. And you don't even get paid! We Don't Need No Education!
  17. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is pretty good. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is good. Help is good. Imagine is very good. Why in the world don't I download more Beatles song? If ya had to choose just one song ALL TOGETHER, what would it be as ur' favourite?
  18. I don't like music like that too much. Would 'Ricky Nelson' be in the same genre as the songs ur' listin'?
  19. Well, that guitar stuff in it reminds me of country. Don't know why. Whats the best Beatles song? Listenin' to 'Help' right now
  20. I like Queen a lot! Led Zeppelin is good. Pink Floyd is great. And... thats all I've heard from that list Besides a few songs from the Beatles. Imagine is very good
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